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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Finally Someone


Typing your own name into a google search is sooooo passé.

Now there's Pinterest. 


Judy said...


Wendy said...

The sad thing is I actually remember when that look was trendy.

Oh and I still Google myself - and other people I know. And honestly, I am already over Pinterest.

mmichele said...

Well, she might be bad and everything but try and google (or perhaps pinerest Michele (yes, with one L))

WAY scarier!!

janice said...

I saw a woman with a wig in that hairstyle while shopping the other day - wondered why she would choose that. Then when I heard she was 91, I admired her, and forgave her totally for choosing that hairstyle. . . . HAWT! (Some Joyces are hotter than others)