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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Closin' Time

It was time to unpack her bags, and reset her early morning alarm.
She knew she'd be happy to see their little faces at her door again.
She knew they would make her laugh and she would marvel again at the wonder wrapped in pre-school packages.
She knew she'd feel relieved at the return of routine, she'd enjoy living in the back yard, and filling their days with the simple pleasures of walks, playground, and sprinkler.

Still. She mourned the passing of summer with its trips to the lake, books at the beach, and languishing midday patio meals with friends too long neglected.

Summer, you've been good to me.
You've given me the hot, bright days that make me happy. You've brought me old friends, time with family, camping trips under tall pines. Fresh beans from the garden. Zucchini. Strawberries. You've filled my pores with rich heat that will sustain me in these upcoming basement days of January.

But its hard to say good-bye.


Anonymous said...

Love your story. I'm gonna miss the summer too. Winter lasts a really long time on the prairies. - Lori

janice said...

I just started my holidays yesterday - a staycation with a visit from friends from Ottawa. Hope your first days back to work were fun. I know you love your little peops.

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Roo said...

hahaha...i like your "about me" write up. ;)

Roo said...

my word verification was "gaspha"
*gasp* HA!!