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Monday, September 26, 2011

On Why I've Fallen And Can't Get Up

Because when I spend all my free time/drool on my keyboard/abandon all hope of keeping up with the house
Because when I invest valuable time on pinterest nurturing my creative side, finding inspiration which in turn I use to make my home a sanctuary, thereby immeasurably enhancing the lives of my children and all who cross my threshold...

It makes me a better person.

Really, it does.

It has to, or I'll be forced to reevaluate all my priorities, and that would take away valuable free time which I'd rather spend on pinterest.

Allow me to expound.

Recently during my forays into bettering myself, I came across the image above. It brought me fully into a place where I was able to speak in unknown tongues. I may have shouted out;

"SHUT. UP!!!!"

Among other possible brilliant, eloquent, profound expulsions.

Why? You might ask? (being less nurtured, less informed about pinterest, less wise about your own use of free time)
Because I care about you, I'm willing to point out all the things about this image that make me a better person. If you listen closely, you may find that you have also developed enviable personal qualities of your own.

I've provided the image again so that you can follow more closely. I'm willing to point out areas of brilliance, in order to disciple you in your quest towards awesomeness.

  1. The tablecloth. Did not come from Wal-Mart, Zellers, Dollarama, or Bowring. Nope. It came from a boot sale, or a tag sale or an op shop, or a thrift shop or a garage sale or a nearly deceased auntie.

  2. The broad, white, distressed coffee table. Need I say more.

  3. The entirely NON-matchy matchy furniture. The orange, pink, turquoise, white, grey, and brown that totally work together. They just love and accept one another like some church groups of my imagination.

  4. The quirky chandelier over the table. It's entirely precious.

  5. A brown iron framed bed in the dining room? Outrageous. I love it.

  6. That lamp shade.

  7. The banner bunting over the bed.

  8. The two fireplaces. One painted ridiculously pink. I adore that kind of nonsensibility

And there's more. If you've listened carefully, and you're a proper kind of person, you'll go now and find it for yourself. At pinterest.

(and. pinterest doesn't place huge annoying spaces in its text like blogger does. Blogger has been really committed to unwarranted large spaces. It really bugs me. Just sayin')


Anonymous said...

Readers of Blunderview: Whatever you do, DO NOT listen to Joyce. Pinterest will suck you in and take you down! Don't become the next victim. Now back to my pinning....Melissa

Anonymous said...

Love the look...who's house????-lew

joyce said...

mwah, ha, ha.... (dark, conspirital laughing...) I have you in my web, Melissa!

don't know, sweet lew. Just came across the image while spending inordinate amounts of time on pinterest. you should try it. Then you could rage at me like Melissa does.