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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Way of It

The boy is found hunched over his art homework.

I position myself to take a photo.

He hides.

I get all stealthy and sneaked a shot or two, wanting some tangible record of my son's latent brilliance.

I was careful to not photograph his face, as he'd told me he didn't like his face on photos.

After a few quick, careful snapshots, I set down the camera.

Which he promptly picks back up.









And that's life

With my brilliant boy.



janice said...

Wow - cute AND talented. You and Brian make great kids.

wendz said...

Boys...or should I say, sons, are just the bees knees. Cracking. :)

joyce said...

:) they're keepers.

Wendz, never stop commenting. I love the way your words go together.