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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weirdest Museum in The World, Banos


If you ever happen to be in the Banos area, there's a super weird museum, right next to one of the ten trillion Catholic Churches.


Just follow the super pretty tile floor....

Past twenty or so magnificent doors.....

occasionally gazing out into the courtyard.....

And you'll find the museum sign. No problem.

I might be a little bit interpretationally challenged, but I think if you're the mayor of anywhere its one dollar, and if you're a nino, which is different than the fish, Nemo, and younger, its only 50 cents.

Look for the bleeding Jesus with the sequins.

you'll find a bunch of change in his lap. This is not a scavenger hunt, or "finders keepers" so you best leave it there if you don't want to be the next bloody patron.

There are other religious statues to be found, which are open to interpretation. The banner behind him says something about a bath.... which might be related to where the rest of his partner might be found. Look for a guy in a bath, missing his head?


If dead guys aren't your forte, there's always a shrine to Pinnochio, and a fat little piggie.

Feeling better? Found your center? Good.

Here's some more dead stuff.

Seriously high end taxidermy.

Yum. Monkey.



Handy. I wonder if they'd sell that to me to use for children's jackets in my porch?

Ever wonder what happened to Bambi?

Or all those empty peanut butter jars your mom made you wash out?

Oh, right. And here's a typewriter.

Some baby booties.

And a couple of charms.

On your way out, do bark hello to Saint Doggie.


And these sweet little Golofas.

Super random museum with beautiful floors.



And doors.



mmichele said...

That is the BEST!! I especially love that because it is a museum, you can gawk!!

janice said...

LOVE it - I am guffawing out loud, here at work. When you see something this . . . er . . 'unusual' it is good to share it with somebody with a wacky sense of humour. You pegged it.

Judy said...

I don't want to go there.