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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer Round-Up.

(No. Really. Summer is pretty much over.)

Summer is for taking time to see the world wake up.

Summer is for dresses. The floral vintage ones, the blue ones, yellow ones, the thrifted and the sewn.

For sitting on the ground until the grasses leave impressions that you wish you could remember when the winter comes.

Summer is for treasure hunting. (oops- silly me! Summer is just another excuse for treasure hunting!)


Maybe more accurately: "Summer is the time for treasure hunting with ice cream that one can lick outdoors".

Summer is for remembering how stunningly beautiful the prairies are.

OOhh! And for treasures! Has that been mentioned?

Summer is for trips to the lake with old friends.

Where we share our big boys who used to be little boys.

Where we become quite convinced that we're awesome, actually.


So we add cats to all the things.

Summer is for skirts, and reading at the beach.


Summer is for ten year old boys in water.

It's for forgetting to fill the tank on long car trips without fear of freezing to death at the side of the road.

Summer is for berry picking with my mama.

And camping with my twin sister. Weird that the labour lasted ten years and mom delivered three babies between us, but whatever. We were never taught the specifics.

Oh, and my other twin sister. There were an additional two twin sisters who were unable to join us.


Summer is for Grand Beach.





And the bikes of Victoria Beach.

Summer is for reading the paper outdoors with a tasty snack.

Summer is for saying "Enough"! to body despair and practicing with a henna tattoo. On the beach. In a bathing suit. At 45. For realzies.


Summer is for stopping long enough to really look. And marvel.

Summer is for smiling at yarn bombers.

And sharing with a good man.

Summer might be looking behind you at the Folk Fest and finding a woman higher than a golden boy one inch behind you when there's heaps of space everywhere else. She is moaning and crying and singing all at the same time. Then summer is for taking a picture and backing away, slowly.

Summer is Grand Prix, standing at the edge laughing too loud at your kids who might be too old but don't think so.

Summer is Gimli Beach with a favourite baby, caressing her impossibly soft head, studying her eyes, and kissing her neck.

Pickerel doesn't hurt either.

Summer is about fixing a favourite bike. The one with the basket.

Summer is for Man Jobs!

And for repurposing the bumbo chair.

Summer is for reading.

Summer is for my brother's cabin at Lake Caribou.

Summer is for puttering and nesting.

Laundering couch cushions, shampooing carpet, disinfecting toys.

Making noodles with my mama and one of my twin sisters.

Summer is for afternoons at mom's while she shares her bread recipe.

Summer is for festivals. Chilli cook-offs with my husband, the champion.




Yup..... I'm with him.

Summer is for tadpole froggies. And my boy spending an afternoon making him a sand world and naming him Steve.

Summer is for zucchini. And tomatoes, cucumbers, beets and beans.

Summer is for canoeing with friends.

And summer is for spending my Christmas gift card.

Because summer won't last forever.

And that's okay. Because routine is awesome too, until it gets boring and then we want summer again.



Anonymous said...

This is a great peek into your life Joyce. Makes me miss you all over again. Favorite pic is the Luna moth caught up in your cleavage Love Rosa

joyce said...

Ah, lovely Rose. Thank you.

janice said...

Wow. I might have to document my summer like that. What a great post. What a great summer!

brenda said...

I had to go back and look at that moth picture again. I think that might be butt cheeks!

Anonymous said...

Awesome reflections Joyce! MK