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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Snow Day

From Monday to Friday, Brian's richest fantasy involves the weather becoming so bad that the toughest school division East of Siberia cancels its buses and closes its schools.

He is checking his phone before my 5:45 AM alarm has even thought of singing its terrible song. And then he lays there, all happy, while I try to reframe MY (home is my work place) day. Where it's "take your kids and husband to work day" regardless of my opinions on the concept.

If the day before has looked iffy and Brian is really starting to get his hopes up, he'll always buy bacon. Brian's bacon costs $86.00. (Bacon, Strongbow ciders, some growers, a jug of milk....)

The kids wake up to the smell of bacon, and a text from mama- "SNOW DAY!"

Sam has been learning the art of making cupcakes from scratch.

He takes the mixing bowl out for another round of chocolately goodness.

There is no one at my door at 7:00 AM, the highways are closed. I'll be keeping company with a few kids from in town, maybe we'll mix up some play dough, eat some cupcakes, and take in the smell of crispy bacon.

Snow day.



Periwinkle Dzyns said...

you know how to turn a phrase girl!
"toughest school division East of Siberia"
made me g'snork in my tea - thanks for the laugh and the second hand mental smell of bacon, the only meat this vegetarian still dreams about...

janice said...

How wonderful for Brian to be able to look forward to this. I remember that, from Crooked Creek, as a child. We likely lived in the 2nd or 3rd toughest school division East of Siberia.

joyce said...

a definite entry for the new version of Miriam webster.
Everything is better with bacon- even vegetables.

"crooked creek" so romantic. Reminds me of a Manitoba town called "Plum Coulee"- a pretty name. Until someone tells you its the incest capital of MB....

Anyway, I think we're beating Siberia this year in the Winter Olympics for stupid cold and stupid wind and just plain stupid.