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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Just A February Day

Joyce this morning.

Caught on nanny cam later on that same day:



Children, as they appeared from 7:01 until 7:02 AM.

Also for moments possibly around 8:12, and 1:32.


This. Much of the time.

Also this.


And barely anything like this.

Can I blame this?

Or this?

Might have a little something to do with this.


For sure there's been a lot of...

Which has been responsible for a great deal of this.

I meanwhile am craving some of this.


But will be forced to dig deep and fake this.

To promote some of that.

And a lot more of that.



janice said...

I surely* admire you, for spending all day, every day, with your young offspring and others'. As I always admired the day care workers, while I dropped off my offspring, when she was that age. I would be in there for six minutes, and experience wild mood swings, and be happy to go to work.

*Hope you are ok that I called you Surely.

janice said...

Hello my pretty, where have you gone??????

joyce said...

hi Janice. I suck.
I'm glad you don't hate me.

janice said...

OMG, Joyce, you SO DON'T SUCK, and I am sure I love you, even tho we have not met.

I missed you, you beautiful thing you, with the AMAZING way with words.