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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Sometimes I Run Out of Words

Sometimes I accept an invitation into someone else's world entirely.

Somewhere near the corner of Higgins and Main- A street party.

To meet folks who have been friends for a long time.


And to feel almost entirely welcome there.

In this place where I really don't speak the language.

But we were welcome there- For sure the farmer sausage burgers were welcome there.

So they waited there in the line.

While the kids got their faces painted.

It was about twenty-eight degrees, and on the concrete pavement of the street.

I don't want to be that white person who shows up on the street once a year and pretends to know stuff. So, risking that, here's what I think I learned today:

"Homeless people" don't always look at all like homeless people.

Put some music on, and people just want to dance.

There is a strong sense of community.

People are all kinds of beautiful and diverse.

Everyone loves a little tap dance.

Strength and resilience takes different forms.

It was an honor to be welcomed near Higgins and Main.

I can't even describe it.

Because, sometimes I run right out of words.



Brenda Funk said...

That is so awesome Joyce! For you and for them. Elmer and I did it once, and really were moved by our experience as well. Alas, we somehow have not got around to trying it again. People are lovely, even people with lots of problems and not much money....if you only look for the beauty. Loved the pictures.

Judy said...


joyce said...

Thanks Brenda. I can't stop looking at these pictures.

CityCowgirl said...

This is so great! I love this..."I don't want to be that white person who shows up on the street once a year and pretends to know stuff."

My husband and I were just talking about this for the last 2 days due to an experience we just had on our road trip on an Indian Reservation.

Love your view on this. This is something my husband and I love to do. Keep it up Joyce, you are in inspiration!

janice said...

This just made me cry. I think I love you.