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Monday, August 24, 2015

My Mama Grows a Garden

With grape vines climbing a trellis

Morning glories where you might not expect.

Surprise pumpkins from her compost

Which she did before it was cool

A peony from the first house Brian and I owned

Gooseberries just like on the farm

Corn from seed her son brought from far away lands


And poppies anywhere

the winds might blow

just like her lovely dill

tiny apples for juice all winter

My mama wears her gardening shoes

to water

her flowers

from the rain barrel

Now my brother and I gather flowers

for mama

in room 110.



Brenda said...

Beautiful memories of your Mother, her garden growing so richly even while she fades. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Judy said...

Equally heartbreaking and joyful. Like life.

Karla said...

You'll be harvesting from your mama's garden for the rest of your days...

janice said...

How beautiful. I know you know this, but it is a rare blessing that she went straight from her garden home to the hospital, at 89. Mom had 10 years of lodge living, no garden. Your stories and pictures so remind me of mom. I still have 2 house plants from her - had 3 until my grand-cat killed one, this spring, after 8 years.

in 2013, just after my dad died, my sister's parents-in-law, in California, left the farm, moved into care and passed away, all in 3 months, and died within a month of each other. It sounds a bit like your parents.

It is so very hard to lose them. It is so very wonderful you had them. Your family of non-bickering siblings is their legacy.

Those words of Karla, above, are very profound.

Hugs, love and light.

Anonymous said...

This was wonderful. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Safe in the arms of Jesus.

janice said...

Joyce, you are now an orphan. Your kids have no more Kehler grandparents. I am sorry.

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