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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Wellbutrin:

I find it necessary to remind you of your proper place and function in the chemistry of my mind. You are here to slow the seratonin reuptake between the neurtransmitters of my brilliant and capable mind. You are here to stave off the exhaustion and darkness of depression.

Why then, do you find it necessary to wake me up nightly at 3:33 am, or 2:34 or4:12 or all of the above? What in the world of all things healthy, productive and proactive makes you think for a minute that robbing me of precious REM will benefit my mental health in any way whatsoever?

Are you so narcisistic and self-centred that you think it a good idea to get my attention at my most vulnerable moment and remind me of your uber-helpfulness? 'cuz I gotta tell you. Sleep deprivation in the realm of mental health is as dumb as mustard on strawberries. It's just not that sexy.

Now, I'm way above throwing threats around.... but.... I'm just sayin'. NO TOUCHY MY NIGHT NIGHT!! or I'll kick your po white trash to the curb and take up with some other lover.

After all. I've got my standards.
I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

sleep deprivation sucks. next time you're up anyway why don't you call me and take my Boy who doesn't sleep? might as well be efficient.


PamJ said...

my boy doesn't sleep well at night either! sorry you aren't getting that much needed rem joyce, makes the day even longer...

Karla said...

Maybe Wellbutrin is feeling two- timed by Effexor.

Judy said...

The generic for Paxil works for me.

I sleep ALL night.

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!

I think it's also just *hilarious* that depression is a side effect of most anti-depressants.

lettuce said...

also *hilarious* that sleeping pills are marked with the warning "may cause drowsiness"

tho failed to do so for me last night!

wishing you sweet sleep tonight joyce

joyce said...

I like the warnings on antidepressants that warn against suicidal thoughts, weight gain, and agitation.