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Monday, August 03, 2009

Happy Camper

This spring Brian and I dropped a little bit of money on a tent trailer. I felt like I should be pinching myself continuously- never thinking that I would be so lucky as to have one of those beauties to enjoy with my kids on this side of the pearly gates. We've had the privelege of using that little piece of wonder a few times this summer; even though the weather has been less than cooperative. (eight consecutive months of below seasonal temperatures in Manitoba this year..... *sigh*) But that's OKAY because when it rains and pours, we are comfy and dry, and above ground in our generous beds. When the nighttime temperatures dip to eight degrees in JULY, we are cozy and warm with a handy dandy furnace, warm quilts, and dry beds. Soooo unlike tent camping. (yech)

And this August long weekend, we are enjoying the wonders of the tent trailer once again. It's a Kehler tradition to trek up to my brother's cabin and spend the weekend together enjoying good food, playing on the lake, and talking and laughing together. Yesterday there were 22 people at the cabin; and no- it's not a mansion. But that's okay, because this year we brought up the trailer, and that left the biggest bedroom open for my elderly sister and her husband. That means that when we got tired, or grumpy, or just wanted our own "home" to sneak off to- we could!

This year we've enjoyed the trailer at: The Winnipeg Folk Festival, Boler Babe's Outdoor Retreat Center, Clear Lake National Park, and Caribou Lake. And we've still got Spruce Woods to look forward to.

I think it's possible that my hope is coming true- that this trailer will be a unifying element as my kids venture headlong into their teen years.

At the very least- I've got a place to hide in when family storms brew or icey breezes blow.


Roo said...

you are living the life joycie-cakes. don't ya forget it. :)

that's my dream...and since YOUR dream has become give me hope that maybe MY dream will one day as well!

Lory said...

the soul of childhood memories.
glad to be a destination!

wm said...

mmmmm, spruce woods - my favourite! We discovered a "rare" nest of burrowing owls one year, quite cool. Have you ever ventured out to the old 3 story barn? also quite cool!