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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Notice Of My Retirement

I no longer run a home daycare.

The town is proposing a by-law that will require people to apply for permits, have particular frontages, side-ages, back-ages, and packages, and probably a lot of stupid stuff in between. There will be no more games of "tuk in nare" where Lance rallies all the children to throw stuffies up into the ductwork and try to get them Stuck In There. I imagine that will become unsafe or unethical or politically incorrect some way or other and fall under some complex legislation.

I'd only be allowed to look after a very limited amount of children.

Now, as a mother, I can go ahead and produce a litter and raise them in a basement with no windows. But as your child's second mother.... Nope. Turns out that I'm incompetent. Need papers. Menu plans. PERMITS.

So. I've decided to quit home daycare and move into another area entirely.

Effective immediately, I will be inviting the children of my home town into my house and treating them as my own. Loving them, and their parents and supporting them on their child rearing adventures. (who incidentally would be up a creek with zero paddles without home daycares. This town has totally inadequate daycare spaces. Many families are outsourcing their kids to the big city).

So, my friends who have children and used to bring them to my home daycare.... I'm closed.
But please, your children are invited to come to my house from 6:00 am until 5:15 pm Monday through Friday. I'm that lady down your street.

I'm just into supporting my community that way.


mmichele said...

Almost makes me want another baby, just so I could drop him off at your house! 6 am until 5:15, though, that might be a little long. Will just the morning do?

Valerie Ruth said...

wow! permits huh? if i lived in your community i would SO bring him to play.

joyce said...

did I mention the suggested daily donation amount?

Anonymous said...

This is the second surprise resignation effecting my life as of late. I still have not bounced back from the first one. Enough of your kids NEED Joycie.


jenn said...

Joycie can't quit. Who else will give my kids pickles and jam?

Karla said...

Well ladies on Niv - if your kidlets need Joycie and their pickles and jam fix - get your placards ready and have those kids of your marching down main street protesting this proposal. We all need some Joycie in our lives.

Wendy said...

Aaah yes. Bureaucracy. What would we all be without it? (Well, less stressed, for a start.)

It sounds as if things over your way are about to get as mind-bendingly frustrating as they are for childminders here.

I hope you beat this thing.

it's a gong show... said...

I heard all about this. I definitely plan on being at that town meeting!

brenda said...

do you suppose this is a move by the new daycare facility in town to eliminate the "little guy"? Why is it that big business is so threatened by the little guy anyway? Next thing you know we won't be able to leave the little tykes with Grandma on date night...there'll be legislation against that too! You hang in there Joycie for all the momma's in this town who count on you!