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Monday, February 07, 2011




Karla said...

Not S.J.!!!!!!!

Oh no, Joycie!

It'll be a memory maker for sure!

janice said...

Wow - is that your first casualty? That is a well graffitied cast.

Do you have a trampoline? There have been 2 broken wrists in the 10 years my tramp has been there, neither of them attached to my daughter.

joyce said...

oh yes- our top student SJ. The one who follows ALL the guidelines, enforces the same for all the other children; never takes ridiculous chances......
Yup. my little star. I've been forced to crawl on my belly in shame to pay my penance. I should get up in about the year 2020.

janice. I so don't want to know that. We've had a tramp for over ten years with no casualties. The kids LOVE it in spring and summer, and the give their ok's. I do live in fear though. Just not enough fear to package them all in bubble wrap and stick them in front of YTV. I happen to think that the risks associated with that lifestyle are WAY higher.

I would have agreed that this is my first casualty. And it is, when measured by magnitude. However, SJ hastened to remind me that her friend smacked her in the head with a baseball bat.... just last summer. I'd blocked that memory and had it saved in the "for therapy" file. But she just threw me right back into that memory.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to see it!
Just a blogger question, not trying to be annoying/rude: do you get parent permission before posting pictures? I've wondered how that works with friends, etc.

joyce said...

with my "daytime kids" I definitely ask for permission.
With my dad, and a lot of family, I make assumptions unless I'm pretty darned sure that they don't want their picture on the web.

it's a legitimate question, and one that I've become more aware of/cautious becuase of negative fall-out. One has to be mindful that some people are very private.

janice said...

For therapy: when my daughter was 2 I hit her in the face with a shovel, and had to take her to the hospital where she was put in a straight jacket and 3 stitches were sewn into her nose and she still has a scar. She was barely verbal and told everyone 'Mommy hit me with a shubbel.' I am still traumatized if I think about it.

She doesn't remember, and she turned 18 yesterday and answered my phone call, so should I forgive myself?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding about the photo question. I think that's pretty reasonable!