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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Funny Thing about Time

I've spent a lot of time this winter being bored.
Really bored.
I've had enough time to do all the necessary things. Enough time for the laundry, the dishes, the paperwork, and all the other glamorous things that life as a grown-up entails.

But I've noticed that I'm just really not keeping up anyway.

A few weeks ago for some mysterious reason, I got re-inspired to pick up the darfur project thread. I've found time to sew, to post, to mail, and to design.

And you know what? I have more energy for the vacuum now.

That's the funny thing about time. The more you have; the more you dawdle. Apply some pressure, and you become a lot more efficient.

Feels good.


Roo said...


Mary KG said...

Yep. I get that about time. Mine is so much more limited now -- well, at least my free time that I think I work smarter. But I do miss my time to read and play Scrabble.

janice said...

I always work that way - now my free time is very ample, my laundry and all the other tasks are not kept up. But I am very up to date on TV shows.

One of these days I shall embark on a project. . .