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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Snow Days

Are you looking for something positive and uplifting?
You're in the wrong place.

I don't like snow days. I don't like things switched up at the last moment (that moment being 6:00 AM, which is an awfully early time to start a morning; in my opinion).

I don't like the house filled up with children ranging in age from forty-four to eighteen months. Oh, I like the pre-schoolers, and I was expecting them. I just wasn't expecting all these other bodies (who share my surname, hhem, ahem) who happily lol around the place and mess up my routine.

Even though everything is going swimmingly, and there are no conflicts, and everyone is very happy (except me). I'm just bracing myself for disaster, which is ironic because the only person in a bad mood is me. So, not only do I not like snow days, I don't like my attitude either. Which makes me like snow days even less.

Now, go find a happy blog.


janice said...

It is a balmy -26 here today, and the snow has stopped falling and I am at work, and the kid is at school in a different city. But I am still miserable, despite my routine being routine. So there.

I got my last child tax credit notification today: "Our records indicate that your child turned 18 in February so this is your last payment". Now I am bummed - not because of the money but the realization that I have no more children - only adult children.

So, I shall join you in being miserable. Let's salute the wonderful Canadian weather. How about 6 PM - wine time!! There, now we have something to look forward to.

Lori said...

It snowed again last night here in Southern Alberta. We woke up to -24. The furnace is on, I'm wearing 3 layers but the house never really feels warm. So, I'm wondering; will winter ever end?

Judy said...

I don't really like happy blogs. They seem fake.
I'm perfectly content to stay here and mutter about snow with you.

Chubbs McGee said...

janice- I say have more kids just for the money.
minus freaking-a-lot. A LOT.
I casually asked Brian today: "So- March first, eh? What do you think-- Lion, or Lamb???"

hmmm. schools closed. Too cold to play outside.....

Is it whine oclock yet? Gin oclock?

Will winter ever end? I don't know- we ask this every March. And when we're really unlucky- like last year- it'll start raining in April and won't stop until we're swimming in our basements.
whine wine whine wine whine wine...

mutter. mutter.
guess what my verification word is?

gablook. gablook.
sounds like something someone would say as they're slowly choking to death on snow....

joyce said...

What the FRIDGE?!
SEe what I mean? That should have read "JOYCE SAYS" but looks like the husband was logged into his 'biggest loser" challenge.

No. I don't now refer to myself as "chubbs mcgee". Really. Not even on weekends.

Mary KG said...

And I was so worried the highways would be closed today for my "first day of work", but happy for me, they were open. drive was a little blustery but not bad. portage S.D. does not close until it is -50C!! Don't know if that will EVER happen!