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Friday, March 25, 2011

Fast Thinking

So I was sitting around letting my thoughts lazily carve a path of their own.
I was thinking about how Readers Digest posts these heroic stories of someone at the very edge of imminent death, when some hero comes along and because of their "quick thinking", they move to immediate action and save the poor soul.

I was thinking about how I'll never be one of those people who are accused of being a "quick thinker". I spend time thinking, but none of it is particularly quick.

Round about that time, my sister stopped in. We were chatting about this and that when I commented that my throat had gotten itchy and I was feeling unusually tired. Thinking fast, I reached for the bottle of echinacea to save the day.

I had thrown the tablets to the back of my throat and gulped down some water when the thoughts caught up to me:

"I don't remember echinacea being that size. I remember them being green capsules; not small white tablets. Is this a different strength than what I'm used to?"

And that's when this bear of very little brain double-checked the bottle.

"Melatonin: sleep support"

Maybe after I wake up, my thoughts will become a little more speedy?
Maybe not.


rosa said...

are you for real.....are you with your loved I need to drive to Niverville?

Anonymous said...

i'll ride shotgun to your rescue with rosa...!
any day.
any hour.
U R O K?!

joyce said...


Brandy said...


jenn said...

So funny:)

mmichele said...


Mary KG said...

I can't wait to hear the "end" to THAT story! Hope Minneapolis is fun for you and yours!