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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Posts I Meant To / Dreamt of Writing This Week

  • 44 Thoughts On My Birthday

  • What I Learned From Burger Night

  • Hell Hath No Fury As a Pacifist Spurned

  • Why Sometimes a Trip to the Thrift Store is all I Really Need

I didn't have a chance to write any of those.

And I really miss you, my online friends.


wendz said...

I think I read blogs with blinkers on. I've just noticed your profile blurb up there on the left - has it changed or has that always been what's written there - anyway I agree that Jesus had an excellent viewpoint. Think he was quite special in every way actually. And I forget to de-hair too. *looks at legs in shame*

Moving on, I'm rather sorry you wrote those blog posts in your head only - particularly what you learned on burger night. And 44 thoughts on your birthday. Was it your birthday? If it was, happy birthday. :)

joyce said...

the blurb changed somewhere in the past few months... it's still incomplete, but so am I....

and tend always to look at my legs in shame- its been a lifelong battle. Hope to make some progress some day on that.

birthday, indeed. The very day of the accident, unfortunately. Still, there is much to celebrate- a life very well lived (my auntie); the fact that she died right beside her best friend, and that she didn't suffer for even a moment. Beats rotting in a personal care home- those are the truly tragic deaths.

thanks, wendz.

Judy said...

I used to write also.
Now I post pictures of grandchildren.
I had an elderly aunt and uncle who died in a car accident when they were both 89. She had Alzheimer's and the car rides would sooth her. I miss them.

Roo said...

thrift store = i get it.

Brenda said...

How about a post called "My Favorite Thrift Store/Garage Sale Finds". We could send you pics of some of the best, most unique things we've paid only nickels for but treasure like they were beyond value. The only problem is...I don't know how I'd narrow it down to just one thing!