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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tante Marie

She left in the middle
of living

Flour dusting her sifter
because she was not yet done

We who were left
met together for faspa
with her jelly
her cookies
her platters and

While sifting through a lifetime of her buttons
and planning
more life
for them all.


janice said...

Do you inherit the flour sifter? That is so beautiful. I remember playing with Mom's button collection for hours, as a child. I LOVE that you had faspa with her jellies.

I wish I was a better Mennonite woman, even though I am not so keen on the religion. I CAN make pickles and bread, but I don't, and I did not pass it on to my daughter. I planted a chokecherry tree in my yard and have never harvested it.

joyce said...

I DID, my friend! and her buttons, a lovely yelow pyrex with lid, some fabric and lace, a milk glass chicken, an orange high chair, my uncles coffee mug, some yard sticks, and some hankies.

we were so priveleged to be invited on one of the family's sorting days. My mom got her sister's wrist watch, which was quite a profound moment for her, and all of us.

We ate the cookies she'd bought which said "Maria" on them, and my mom enjoyed her grape jelly.

You've got the important Mennonite stuff- love and family. xo

Mary KG said...

Joyce!!!!!! These are the times I'm insanely jealous that I live so far away. What a beautiful way to enjoy Tante Marie's stuff. Puts a lump in my throat. Thanx for sharing.

Roo said...

:) our friend billy just left too....

wendz said...

Are those cubes of cheese wrapped in coloured foil-papery stuff? We used to have cheese cubes like that for 'special' - at celebrations and parties and I LOVED them and stuffed my face with crackers spread with squashed cheese. My favourite was the onion flavour.

In fact, for me that food-table photo is beautifully retro in every way. The cold meat and slices of cheese on pretty glass plates, the baps and thin sliced brown bread...jars of homemade pickle...amazing. Could be at my Gran's house. (Except for the cupcake mug.)

I haven't had breakfast yet but am craving cheese and ham on bread. (Not going to happen though as the fridge is empty.)

Anonymous said...

This is so gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

By the way Mrs anonymous is Donna. For some reason my comment would not post under anything else. Love you girls. The miles feel longer today..........

Stephanie said...

Sniff sniff..thanks for honouring my Grandma..I will miss her so much. We use to have those Maria cookies with ice cream, very good!

If you do make anything special with her bottons and material for your bags, let me know. I would love to see them and maybe make an offer!