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Saturday, April 28, 2012

On Why I May Actually Clone My Husband

Saturday morning, and town wide garage sales. I can't sleep, and slip out before the sun has quite warmed the asphalt.

I'm instantly warmed at the sight of 6 pristine chrome and vinyl dining room chairs.

Quite possibly overheated.

I bring them home, knowing full well that I have an active, chronic, and progressive chair disorder.

The husband says; "great find!"

Me; "Kind of weird though, right? Do we really want to go this 70's route?"

Husband; "For now....."


That's right, ladies. He's just sexy like that.



Roo said...

the best

Pennerfive said...

Brian is one of a kind. And he's a perfect fit for you. I suspect you'll both fit kind of perfectly into those chairs.

Rosa said...

I'm coming to plant my seat in one of those.

joyce said...

You better mean that, rose. I'll be setting a place for you!

janice said...

Wow - good for you two.

Rosa said...

again Tove not quite getting your argument hear really thinks youve gone off the deep end.