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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

She Pauses To Post While Life Continues To Careen Along

Going away for spring break was a good idea. With our firstborn in her final year of high school, everything feels precious and temporary, and I hated to think of five days slipping away with the kids gobsmacked in front of the f-sharping x-box, and me going rapidly insane.

Instead we ate out, went shopping, watched Sam swim, ate too many chips, did very little housework or laundry.

It was good.

We all managed to indulge our consumeristic (word?) tendencies. Me, with a bunch of monochromatics ON SALE, and Brian

Well, Brian had his green tasbasco stash to refuel.

With thirty-three bottles in stock, he feels relatively confident that we'll survive the dry season intact.

After stopping at home for long enough to notice that the floor needed sweeping, Jane and I dashed off on our next adventure: a quick road trip to Brandon to connect with some old soul mates.

We always make time for the priorities of life: treasure hunting.

I didn't buy these glass knobs.

I just celebrated that they were twenty bucks a piece, because I have a few of them lying around the house as art.

I now have the hope that I may be able to retire in comfort after all.

I took this photo for my Arianna, who has a lovely starter's collection of vintage cameras. A girl after her mother's heart.

The only thing that prevented me from buying this unbelievably amazing alarm clock was its price tag: $90-. I totally think its worth at least that price, but I remembered all those monochromatic clothes that I'd just bought, and that two of my four children expect birthdays the following week.


So, I was a good girl. I left the sweet red robin for someone who married for money; not love.

My picker sister scored big with this picnic basket and a red1950's wall clock. Too bad she dropped it on the street on her way to the car and broke it.

I'm sure glad now that I didn't buy the birdie clock and let her carry it for me.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch I had parked our shiney new car right in front of the basketball hoop.


Lory and I fixed it with windex and packing tape from Dollarama.

I really don't think Brian will ever notice.

Soon enough it was Earth Hour and it was dark, so we couldn't see the car any more.

Instead we ate sun chips, stoked the campfire with dead wood from around the property, and sipped on giant tin and tonics.

Jane and I meant to leave after earth hour, but it was dark and I hadn't spent enough time with Lory, her golden retriever, her redhaired boy, her fabulous daughters, and her tolerant partner.

Besides. I'd had absolutely no desire to not drink that G&T she had offered me at the campfire.

Besides. With the pretty new spiderweb design on my windshield, I thought it would be better to drive into the sunrise early in the morning. On inadequate rest, a splintered windshield, and early morning rain shower I was pretty sure I wouldn't have any trouble staying awake for the 3 hour drive home.

It was good to be back home again.

Car safely hidden in the garage away from prying eyes.

There was no time to waste.

We had a bridal shower to host, that very afternoon.

Time moves so insidiously, it seemed impossible that my rascally little niece would be for-real bride, and her funny little cousins- my daughters- would be her tall, fully dressed, and elegant bridesmaids.

So much to celebrate.

So much to do.


And do it,

We did!




The shower was a smashing success, even though I refused to plan any shower games.

Not only did they forgive me, I think I detected an audible sigh of relief.

Now spring break is over.

And some of us are exhausted.

(not me. I loved the constant action, all the lovely people, all the non-laundry and cooking days, everything.)

I knew my break had been perfect when I felt overjoyed to see my tiny minions back on the couch.

Here they are doing their daily practise of "shove a finger in your mouth".

They're all crammed on the couch because the kitty got the best chair all to herself.

After five days off, she'd kind of gotten used to having the house to herself.

Not me. I'm all about the love and the people.

And its good. All good.


Valerie Ruth said...

oh you make me laugh! i'm going to go to showers you host from here on in due to the LACK of shower games! i always knew you had a good head on your shoulders...

Judy said...

Please may I come live at your house?

joyce said...

Judy, you are on my bucket list.
You and I are going treasure hunting togeher one day, and we'll have coffe in each others houses. we'll talk endlessly about treasures.

janice said...

I had Judy's exact comment on my brain. I AM COMING TOO!

Did Brian find out about the windsheild from your blog???? Was not really a bad thing - nobody got hurt.

I had to get a whole new (2001) car in November - the oil light really meant it when it came on - 5 minutes later the car died.

Glad you had a good holiday. We are back from a snowboarding trip and I suppose I have to go to work tomorrow.

Scratch Floey's tummy for me.

joyce said...

nah, I totally told Brian just after it happened.
I actually have spent an awful lot of time laughing about our windshield. It just figures, since this is the first new car ever for either one of us.
I really hate vehicles, truth be told. They are a necessary evil.
Snowboarding, you say. Very sporty. Very, very sporty. I am impressed.
Yes, back to work, oh well.
Floey is going to be a big sister today. We are taking Jane to the humane society to pick out another kitty for her birthday, since our orange cat Wilbur disappeared some months ago.