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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Few of My Favourite Things

Often my house feels like its caving in on me. It's not large, and it does have an awful lot of kids and pets and things in it.

So, to remember how much I love my home, and my intense fondness for vintage and handmade Christmas, I decided to wander around and focus on the small vignettes, and effectively block out the bigger picture. Joy is often in the details.

(Table runner that I made some years ago. That tree always makes me happy)

Tacky Christmas body art that I'm going to charm my tinies with this week.

Retro gnomes and santas on my stick tree.

That sits by my dining room window.

One-eyed reindeer. I love him unconditionally.


My paper village. One of the many highlights of unpacking the Christmas stuff.

Old packaging.

A sweet and dorky picture of the girls at Christmas when they were little.

My childhood pop-up book.

Bowls full of baubles.

Old records and Bambi's.

Strange little reindeer and Christmas mice scattered here and there.



There are a lot of things that stay in their boxes.





Creepy santas.

Handmade stockings.

Bottle brush wreaths.

My favourite Christmas picture of all time. Sam, aka, Baby Jesus is maybe a day old.

And the mother load- Kenny Rogers albums!


So if you stop at my house and all you see is clutter- just slow down. Break it down, focus on bits at a time.

Works for me, every time.



janice said...

I might come to your house for Christmas. Had I the energy and talent, I would decorate my house, just like that.

Judy said...

Wow. I do like your sense of style.

Anonymous said...

Old Time Christmas Mix - oh my goodness! memories of driving into Winnipeg in my red velvet dress, white tights and black shoes and blue jacket with the fake fur sleeve trim (all hand me downs)to sit on Santa's knee and spill my guts and then on to the Shanghai in China town for our once a year Chinese meal while my dad over indulged in Black Russians and my mom in G&T's!!

I do ramble - the point of all of this is that after the Santa visit, we always bought a 4 gallon bucket of that hard candy Christmas mix - always loved the rippley pieces lol!!

Merry Christmas!

The Naked Chef

joyce said...

So great, that Christmas memory! And your parents had great taste in drinks: those are two of my favourites!

Roo said...

i love your stuff. especially your clocks but also the pics of your babies :)