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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Shallow Thoughts

I hate emptying the dishwasher. I love that I have one and it gets plenty of use, but when it's full of clean dishes I avoid it like the plague. I'll frequently wash the dishes in the sink, just to avoid dealing with it.

I have a lot of recurring dreams. One is about being in University, taking three courses but constantly forgetting to show up for class. I don't know where my lecture hall is, I don't have any textbooks, I've forgotten the combination for my locker, and there is an exam. It's too late to withdraw from the courses, so I'll be getting an "F". Three of those F-ers, if you're counting.

Coincidence that I got pregnant with the magnificent Arianna when I was just three courses short of my BA? I think not. I remember wheeling her to the university the following fall to register for courses and then recognizing how badly I didn't want to miss one second of her life studying statistics. So, that's it. And don't ask me if I'll finish it now. The statute of limitations on that one is way expired by about 17 years.

Unfortunate, since I hear there are tremendously lucrative employment opportunities for people with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Last night I didn't have to cook supper since half my family was gone for the evening, and the half that was left are old enough to prevent their own starvation. Faced with the prospect of a whole glorious evening (knowing that I should be sewing but deciding to cut myself a break), I settled down on the couch with the dog, a cat, and a book that promised to keep we reading well past bedtime.

I think it was seven o'clock when I fell asleep. I know that I woke up at 8:45, just in time to go to bed.

I still have an unredeemed Christmas gift. It's a gift card for Aldo that I'm very excited and pleased about. In ways its a gift that I've opened and reopened since December, thrilled each and every time. When I'm in the city, I'll wander through Aldo, imagining that I could get anything that I want. Sometimes I browse the website to see what my other options are. I'm waiting for the perfect pair of boots, and I'm filled to brimmiest top with patience. I thought I'd found them on Monday night, but I made the mistake of shopping with my cute daughter and she loved the same pair. They were way more beautiful on her, plus she actually has places to go, so it was the daughter who walked out wearing the dreamy boots. Good thing she's my size and she sleeps in- this means I can clomp to the park with fifty preschoolers in gorgeous boots, a ratty dress, and unwashed hair before she even rolls over. Win, win. And no- I did NOT spend my gift card on the kid. No way, no how. I'm going to keep that piece of gold in my wallet and keep up with my monthly forays through Aldo, because once the card is spent, the treasure hunt will be over. I live for treasure hunts.

Last night while I was pretending to read but I actually just went to sleep, I should have been altering a very fancy dress. Our one-time neighbours are celebrating their 15 year old's year with a quinceanera- a very fancy party marking a girl's fifteenth birthday. I don't actually sew formal wear, but I do have another recurring nightmare in which I dream that I've promised to sew formal wear for a wedding but I forgot all about it until the week of. This likely dates back to the two weddings I once did sew for that in my humble opinion were a complete failure. Maybe because there was an incident of chocolate sauce spilling on the bridesmaid dress fabric while it was spread out awaiting being cut into dress shapes. Now, I generally stick with vintage fabrics. More forgiving, I find.

I pride myself on my spelling, but maybe I shouldn't. There are a few words that I just can't seem to get right. I thought "Neighbour" was spelled "neighbor". And I thought "Colour" was spelled "color". It just makes me think that there's probably a whole big bunch of other stuff that I think I know when actually I'm off by a letter or degree or construct.

My favourite candy used to be black licorice. Now I'd have to say that its M&M peanuts.

Tomorrow it will be seven years since my brother's cancer diagnosis. I remember how much writing helped me through that terrible time, although I'm pretty sure I didn't come through with any kind of award winning flying colours. (Note the correct spelling here).

Tomorrow I am renting a bouncy castle for my day kids. I'm so excited about that, even though it has made everyone hyper all week so far, and tomorrow will be an adrenalin nightmare- kind of a nine hour long birthday party involving lunch and diapers. Regardless, I'm really as excited as a kid. When its over, I might bust into this gorgeous gift:

That I got from one of my departing families. Darned departing families. They come into my life, lend me their kids, become my friends, and then they're done with me. Crazy town.

After the dummest spring on record, it has gotten hot in Manitoba. Really hot.

Watch me not complain, as I love it.

So, there's a few shallow thoughts for you, my friends. I did promise that I wouldn't let a month slip by this time, and I didn't. I even have thoughts on further posts that I hope I have time to share. Meanwhile I'll be setting up a bouncy castle in my back yard with wild anticipation of tomorrow's most tigger-y day.



Judy said...

Ooo. A bouncy castle.
All I have is a blow up pool and a dirt pile.
Add that up and I'm fairly sure that tomorrow I shall have mud.
I've always known that I'm not as cool as you.
But I'm okay with that.

janice said...

I constantly dream I am back in high school, with special permission, to finally finish. I then get perpetually lost and can never find my classes, let alone finish. I actually did finish high school. Not sure what this is about.

BTW, I am hurt, and crushed that I only found out about the bouncy castle after the fact. You know how much I love bouncy castles.