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Sunday, July 13, 2014

She Did Other Stuff

I didn't go to the Folk Festival this year.

Instead I took a walk with friends past the Bridge Drive In, meandering along cozy Winnipeg streets with a sweet sense of community.


Past front lawns that were destined for more than just forgotten patches of grass.

On Wednesday morning, while hoardes of bikes, campers, and vans headed up highway 59 to Birds Hill Park, I met one of my bestest bff's at The Forks. We indulged in some outdoor catching up over Tall Grass Prairie cinnamon buns and sandwiches.

Then off on some Winnipeg exploring.


There's so much right at home if you just take a little time to explore.

Arty shops brimming with creativity.

And some antique shop perusing.
Pretty unfortunate about that taxidermy.

Maybe just Not-A-Dermy.

Time for refreshments. This summer tradition could never end well without our favourite outdoor patio at Carlos and Murphy's.

Nom nom.

On my way home, I pulled to the side of the highway to pick some fragrant alfalfa for the bunnies.

On the way to her little outdoor lair, I stopped to enjoy the yard in full bloom.

Thursday, July 10 didn't find us at the Folk Fest either. Twenty years ago, we were there, and I was labouring my firstborn daughter. Now she has exited the life of a teen and is up and away at a fishing lodge, so for her birthday I lined up all the epic thrifted cat pics I had compiled for her and sent them off in text form.

She was entirely amused.

Without my birthday girl at home to spoil and celebrate, I set my sights on playing with thrifted bird houses.

Until- oh happy day- I scored free tickets to the Red River Speedway. Bucket list material.

Sam and I headed out, not knowing entirely what to expect. We learned quickly enough when people piled in with ear plugs that it was going to be noisy. And dusty.

Friday dawned bright and sunny. New tradition, year two: drive up to Gimli for the day. First stop? Awesome breakfast in St Boniface.

From there things pretty much continually evolved into ever widening circles of perfection.





And then, hold me down- this!

All wrapped up with a harbour walk and stone tossing.

Practically perfect day in every way.

On Saturday, I "built" Theo a new bunny run. He's a bit of an escape artist, so I tried to make the walls high enough.

I hope it fixes his wanderlust.

Silly bunny.

So, no. This summer I didn't go to Folk Fest.

No regrets.



Anonymous said...

Joyce! The squirrel shop! That is Meadow and my favorite treasure shops! Great photos, lovely adventures. Thinking about going to Gimli, I have never been there.
Patti from the turtle mountains

janice said...

I am not going to the folk fest, either - it always falls on the-weekend-I-am-doing-something-else. However, this year, I might be home, and I can see it and hear it from my roof - cheaper, and no bathroom line-ups.

However, I will not likely document my not-going-to-the-folk-fest with the panache that you do.

Karla said...

T'was a glorious day, indeed.
One of my favorite traditions of the summer.
Wouldn't want to do it with anyone but my BFF!