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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A bit of What I did on my Summer Vacation (so far)


My sweet and precious girl- Jane Margaret graduated on July 25, 2014. A million or eighteen years flashed before my eyes that day. It's cliche, I know. But I so remembered her going to kindergarten. I remember some of the struggles along the way. I remember watching her grow and change and then grow and change all over again.

Her crazy big sister rode a bus through Manitoba for 12 hours, overnight, to cheer for Jane.

It made my heart so happy to see them together.

Cuz they're like..... super functional together.

Weird. I don't know how I got such funny children- such a perfectly normal family.

Jane and her super cute friends are all grown up.

It was time to celebrate.

Celebrate my beautiful daughter.

Take a break from struggling to finish things and reach goals, and just pause.

Take the time to celebrate just being here.

So after all the dinners and the ceremony, the endless speeches, the parade of grads in all their finery, there was time to just watch them kick off their shoes and be together on the dance floor, dancing tirelessly to song after song after song.

Strange to think of myself here- two kids graduated, two to go.



janice said...

Wow - what a beauty! What a lovely tribute. A lovely family - lots of unicorns and rainbows! Good looking, too.

They grow up so very fast. I remember when mine went to kindergarten, too. Nice to see them doing well.

Anonymous said...

Kate said: "Mom, why is Joyce standing with Taylor Swift?"


Auntie Laura said...

Awwwww. Jane, you lovely being you, way to go! I'm so proud of you. Seems such a short time ago you were wearing your shoes to bed. Or do you still? It's OK if you do. You never know when a quick get away is needed. I can still hear you clattering down the hall at night in your home in Brandon. Great memories. I love you. Auntie Laura100

Laura said...

That 100 is a typo. Wish it meant I scored a double 10.

Judy said...