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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Abnormals Anonymous

They weren't offering Abnormals Anonymous, so I joined crossfit instead.

It was time.

I'm not very good at it.

But I keep going back.

Sometimes we have to run to the elevator, which is sort of on the way to my house if you don't actually run to the elevator, but you take a sharp left instead.

So far, I've never run home instead.

This is sort of how I look when I run.

But actually, more like this.

Fortunately when we run, it isn't for long distances. Usually because they want us to do some other horrible thing.

I tend to be the horrible, negative, irritating one in the class who when the coach explains all the stuff and how to do the stuff, then says; "Any questions?" I usually say- "Yes. WHY?"

And then he lies and says it will be easy.

I had hoped that crossfit would change my life and I'd turn into one of those buff people without cellulite or tons of fat.

But like I said- I'm not very good at it.

If that isn't bad enough, I have to share my experience with people who are both strong and coordinated. Life isn't fair.

But I keep showing up. I figure one of these days, they'll introduce an activity that I could possibly excel at.

But meanwhile, I'll just keep being me.

And showing up.



janice said...

You make me laugh - so hard. I do like the gym and I do whatever I want, in classes - mostly what the instructor instructs, but not always.

I am going to steal your abnormals anonymous for Facebook, I think - see if I can start a group ;)

Keep up the blogging - and the gym - if you aren't 'done' yet. Don't be running for the elevator - use the stairs - but perhaps you are talking about a grain elevator.

joyce said...

Bah ha, I'm not done yet!

And all the time I've been spending in the hospital gives me constant reminders to care for my body.

Crystal said...

Joycie, thats why you need to come to ladies night, wod is drinking wine for time :)

Crystal said...

Ps... you are better and stronger than you think (you outbenched me on thursday, so there!)