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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mexico, 2015

This did happen.

Mornings started early, and went like this: in room coffee, and a visit to the balcony to study the mama and baby bird swaying in the palm tree.

After a buffet breakfast of mimosas, yogurt, fruit, eggs and bacon, we would head to our favourite spot on the beach. And watch this guy and his team work their butts off. Apparently, sea grass season came early this year. I enjoyed seeing another vacationer bring coke down to the beach for all the working guys, and I confess it was a bit weird sitting on my ass reading books while they worked so hard.

A 10:00 AM mojito helped.

A big highlight this year was meeting friends at Playa Del Carmen.

They are way cute.


If you think Donn and Brian are cute together, you should see me and Alice.

This guy loved us.

And speaking of cute- I love this guy.

We have so much in common- for example, nose picking.

We actually went to Playa Del Carmen so that I could learn about selfie sticks.

I had no prior knowledge.

And to eat fish tacos.

Plus a bit of shopping with Alice and her cutest-in-the-world son Ridley.

My one regret is not adopting one of these kitties. But- $22.00 U.S.? That's just stupid.

Besides, I was saving my pocket change for viagra and antidepressants.

Back at our resort, here's what we did.


Plus a bit of light crossfit, just to maintain mobility.


Know what was the best of all?

Coming home.

Coming home to my kids and my house and my life.

And that's kind of sweet, isn't it.



Judy said...

Oh, that all looks so WONDERFUL!

joyce said...

Judy- I love you forever.