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Saturday, September 11, 2010

That's So Weird!

Saturday morning and no time to clone.
What would it be? Town wide garage sales? Winnipeg free-cycle with Cheri? Or the annual Morris MCC auction sale with my folks?

Undecided, I dialed Cheri's phone number.

"Hello, Cheri?"
"well! You're up early!"
"Who am I speaking to?"
"Oh.... just an old friend you haven't seen in a while. Like... since last night...!"
"But... I didn't go anywhere last night..."

Around about this time, I start wondering what on earth is going on. Has my friend developed advanced dementia since she left my house at midnight? Am I losing my mind?

Then I remember Cheri telling me that her namesake niece came into town the day before! Lightbulb moment for moi! Bravely, I soldier on;

"Is this Cheri-the-niece-Cheri?"
"My name is Cheri. And I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about."
"oh. well. I'm really sorry....... I must have the wrong number."

No frikkin' kidding.
That's really what happened.

Possible explantion? Was I thinking about my mother, and dialed 326-**** when I meant to dial 388-****? Or is there a secret Cheri hiding out in my friend Cheri's house, just hanging around by the phone so that she can blow my already fragile mind? Am I hallucinating?


Anonymous said...

keep hitting redial until it makes sense, or you make a new friend.
and where did you go?!

Roo said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha oh man.

that reminds me of when my friend carrie (who lives in saskatchewan) called me but i thought she said "sheri" which would be my neighbor who lives across the street from me. so i went to the livingroom window and started waving madly while telling carrie (who i thought was sheri...) that i was waving at her, "can you see me?" i asked.


joyce said...

BB- and then would you believe that the moment I hung up on the Cheri-who-wasn't-Cheri, my phone DIED? (and now I'm not quite sure where it is...)
I don't think she'll want to be my friend. Methinks shethinks I'm a bit daft. Which I am.

Tales of where I did go, are to come. Waiting for the photos.

Roo. I can totally see this in my mind's eye!! And you had me laughing first thing in the morning!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe her name was actually Cheri....? One time we dialed 1-201 and had quite a conversation with a young new york lad who we thought was just toying with us as we really thought it was my nephew - needless to say - I lost alot of time on my Pay as you Go cellphone......MK

janice said...

Well I had to phone a colleague, Peter, on the weekend once, and I transposed some numbers and got the wife of Peter - totally different Peter - who was wondering why I was calling Peter and did not believe me about the work issue and wrong number. . . Poor Peter was in trouble, I believe.

Anonymous said...

I was calling a relative once who is married to a Jamacian. The Jamacian answered to my relative's husband's name. We had a lovely, teasing conversation the way we usually do - until I asked for my relative - and he said, "WHO?"

I looked up the number I had dialed and discovered that I had the last 7 numbers right but that I had dialed a NY area code - that also had a Jamacian living there obviously.

My relative's husband thought that was hilarious. I suggested that whenever he's homesick he just call up that nice guy with his name in NY.

Anonymous said...


You are so awesomely funny, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!

Have a wonderful day!


joyce said...

were it not for the wondrous blog, I would stumble on through life, thinking that I'm the only schmuck to whom these really weird things happen to! But here are all you NON-Schmucks, and your stories are HIlarious.
One winter season, we consistently got calls for "bob". I got tired of telling people that they'd reached the wrong number (as it was OUR number that was misstakenly printed on a sheet of hockey info somewhere in the world) and finally figured out which numbers had gotten inverted. Then I could redirect Bob's calls. Until then, p0eople would ask... "well, can I leave him a message?" or "well, can you have him call me?" just not wanting to accept the fact that this number really DID NNOT and would NEVER reach Bob.
People are a funny

christine said...