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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dinner, With a Side of Mennonite

What's it like to be 43, fit, fun, and fabulous?
Well, when surrounded by women of tremendous strength and integrity, it is sort of inspiring, and well worth the ride. (triple chins notwithstanding)

If not to her wise women friends; then where else can a Mennonite in a Little Black Dress go to learn that pluma moos and soora kumst borscht pair beautifully with a crisp white wine or a splash of sangria?

Certainly we'd found our initial support through Rhoda Janzen's hilarious read, but dare I suppose that we were the first in a new craze- the MLBD dinner party?
Granted, some of our guests travelled as far as Japan to procure the most perfect of black attire. Others rescued said items from the cold fate of being shipped off to Russia after a cruel and swift rejection by the hasty and calculating senior who manically sorts through clothing donations at our local stop 'n' shop thrift store. (do the Russians need a little black dress while standing in line for bread rations or head coverings for their inevitable banishment to the winds of Siberia?)
Friends and daughter's closets were raided. Family heirlooms were employed.
And there was rumour of a road trip to a stinky house where numerous little black items were found stuffed into a grocery bag, not far from the contraband lemon rum which was found tucked in an out-of-the-way bedroom corner.

(now don't get all persnickity on me. I have TIDE.)
If you have Mennonite roots, Mennonite friends, ex-Mennonites in your periphery, or you just plain like borscht, you have to read this book. And then you'll realize that you have a slew of really wise, fun, insightful friends. Then you'll want to force them to find little black dresses and join you for camembert cheese, spring rolls, red wine,
And m00s.


Anonymous said...

You have truly graduated to 'old' if you have pluma moos at a party. I have memories of ancient relatives slurping that mess through their dentures, with a little running down their chin. It still makes me shudder. Happy Birthday old lady!


janice said...

OMG - mother has passed, and I don't know how to make pluma moos. I never liked it with plumas, but she made a wicked cherry mouse. We always called it mouse.

My MIALBD book is to be delivered today. My sisters are all coming, tomorrow, from near (Edmonton) and far (Ontario, California) so after I rush around madly cleaning the house tonight I shall have to finish the book and split it into 3, because they will all covet it, and we know coveting your sister's book is a sin (isn't that in the bible?).

wm said...

okay. you've convinced me, I'll read it! (my word verification is huryba - translated hurry buy. coincidence? pfft.)

Anonymous said...

That is the funniest book my "menno" roots...L-lew

christine said...

i haven't read it yet...i guess i'd better check it out! side note:I love how you know how to party joyce. love the pics!!!!

Heather Plett said...

You are brilliant! I enjoyed that book too, but it never occurred to me to turn it into a dinner party!

joyce said...

hey, don't dis my mous. Love that stuff, have been slurping it up for dessert for days ever since. If you're nice, I might share.

Janice- mouse, for sure. I just thought that if I spelt it like that, our non-Mennos would think that we were not only inbred, but also ate rodent.

Do, Do tell about your sister get together. sounds so wonderful- wish your mom could be there sitting in her boss chair and telling you all how to make mous.

wm- you have to read it . so many funny lines in that book, I felt like I'd found a long lost cousin or something. (esp the parts about the car trips and the nasty sandwhiches... oh and. The "shame Based Lunch".

LL- you were missed.

Christine and Heather- I can't take the credit for this one. It's my wise friend Marie's brain child, and she hosted.

It landed up being one of those really well rounded, full bodied, women-wise kind of times.

I'd highly recommend both the book and the party.

janice said...

I will send you a picture of Mom, sitting in her boss chair (walker) in the middle of our kitchen, her last New Years - also her last month of walking, instructing us how to make New Years cookies. WONDERFUL memory.