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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Why my Kids are ARRIGHT By Me

My boy, who is twelve, left me this note.
He'd been fooling around with a zipper that oddly enough had found a home on my kitchen counter. (It must be a very warm and inviting kitchen counter. I think everything lives on there.)
Now, lots of kids (and grown-ups too) would pull the tab right off a stray zipper and then guiltily shove it under a stack of "home reading" papers, never to be seen by the home matriarch again.
I like how he set it up so beautifully and then left me a sticky note that says; "Oops".
Whatta guy.


christine said...

seriously endearing.

Anonymous said...

confession, apology, and charm.
wonder what he thought as he zipped up and down!

janice said...


(my verification word is spanc - no need or that here)

Roo said...

nothing like good communication to help the household run more smoothly. ;)

Karla said...

I love that boy of yours.

Mary K. said...

Made me smile, he did.