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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Gift that I Didn't Deserve that Finally Arrived

Micah has been making his way to the post office in the days past Christmas. Sadly, one of his gifts has not yet arrived.

Today, however, he darted home to tell me that there was a package for me to sign for.

I wasn't expecting any packages.....

And I don't remember doing anything kind to deserve a lovely, mysterious, anonymous gift.

Exhibit A
But you'd be amazed at how much time I can spend sleuthing around doing comparative handwriting analyses.

Exhibit B

Are there any really great detectives out there who are willing to donate their skills to this cause?
Reading "Life's Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets" only increased the seratonin flooding my synapses. Turns out- I'm not a perfectionist!! And I pretty much already live the way that Lisa Quinn suggests in her book.
(fold fitted sheets?! Where's the chapter on- Oh Yeah- Sheets Ought To Be Laundered More Than Twice Per Annum. ?)
Or: When You Have Dinner Parties, It's Better To Not Fall Asleep On The Couch Until After Your Guests Have Let Themselves Out.
Or: Kids Like Treatie Bags At Birthday Parties. Even If You Don't. Kids Will Think You Hate Them If They Go Home Without A Bag Full of Crap. It Is a Crime In Kid-Dom To Send A Kid Home Without A Treatie Bag. Believe Me. Really. So Not Worth It.
Coulda writ that book myself.
Then I would be somebody and I could send anonymous packages to other people.
But here I am- a compulsive, lackadaisical, non-perfectionist, wondering who sent Quinn to me.


Anonymous said...

No clue as to your mystery gifter...but, Ty IS still hurting because 'Joyce gave everyone else a treatie bag but me'. Oh the scars. This book seems to be full of wise advice.


Roo said...


joyce said...

by the way, thank you so much..
You made me very happy.

Karla said...

I read that book this year!!!

Anonymous said...

You're so very welcome! :)

joyce said...

oh hi anonymous! I'm glad you came back to accept my thanks. That really was incredibly fun to receive in the mail. It's given me mini thrills in all the days following. Thank you so much for YOUR kindness.

Karla- it's got some fun nuggets in it, No?