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Monday, December 13, 2010

How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

I got tired of glueing stuff together for Christmas, so I thought I would invest large chunks of my time today watching this kitty cat get wrapped.

I kid you not, I laughed so hard that I got tears in my eyes.

Intervention? Someone? Please??


christine said...

that is so cute!!
All our cats growing up were psychotic, this one seems quite pleasant.

Judy said...

Now I want a cat.

Kage said...


i thought it was just gonna be a video of your cat, playing in some wrapping paper.

that was AWESOME!!!

janice said...

Very good. I am going to get a cinematographer and try wrapping a dog. I bet I could figure out how to post to youtube if I tried. That would be so much more productive than watching TV.

joyce said...

I know it's not a sign of good health or anything, but I enjoyed this video numerous times yesterday, and then regressed into watching "flippy the cat in the shower, drinking from the showerhead" on youtube. I concluded that if someone went out and bought a cat thinking that most cats are like flippy, they'd be sorely disappointed..... most cats despise water, and I've never met a cat who preferred their tail wrapped.