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Friday, December 24, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree

So, just around about the time that moderate people put up their Christmas trees.....
Ours has already undergone a major transformation.
Once vibrant, and yea- the very epitaph of the season's arrival....
Now, mere rubble cluttering up this uptown, upscale neighbourhood.
Oh, the pressures.
The bitter disappointments.
My intial reaction was one of serenity.... What's the word they use now? Yin? Yan? Shwin fooey?
Well, I admit- the simplicity of an empty, swept up corner made me feel strangely peaceful.
And I honestly questioned: What's so bad about a Christmas Bench?!
But then I remembered how my children had spent hours shopping, wrapping, decorating, counting sleeps.
A Christmas bench somehow didn't seem quite adequate.
Exquisate, yes. Adequate? no.
So, we did it all over again.
Impossible offspring- they said it wasn't good enough. hmmmph.

Ah well. My daytime kids were in the holiday spirit, and more than a little enthusiastic about starting all over again. So, we untangled a wad of lights, hung up some different baubles than experiment #1, and resplendant in festive footwear, we had at 'er again.

Ah, perfection.

For a time.
Until then, please allow me to wish you a
Mele kalikimaka
feliz navidad
Merry Christmas.
It's been another grand year.


Judy said...

Merry Christmas Joyce!

Mary K. said...

Oh my oh my. ...what a dress -- never mind the tree!

Roo said...

whoa. amazing. oh, and the tree ain't bad either. ;)

Anonymous said...

And a Merry Christmas to you, lovely lady :) L-lew

joyce said...

hey. I know you're crazy jealous, but THAT'S NO DRESS!! It's like.... PANTALOONS!!

(Sure is flattering on the hips, no?)

Anonymous said...

You need a balsam. Growing up we always had the trees (whatever they are called) like yours, that lose their needles straight away. Balsams are a little more money but maybe not more money than buying TWO trees :-)

My balsam has been up since Dec 4 and looks as good as the day we got it. Fraser trees are also great but still more money than the balsam.

Just a thought anwyay in case you didn't know there are trees that don't lose their needles. Your way is more dramatic :-)

joyce said...

I so love the skinny charlie browns. I know that I pick the ones that don't last- they are called "top cut"; I think. They are actually the tops of really tall trees, and don't "drink" water very well.
(I wonder if you can get a scrawney balsam?)

And not that I"d necessarily recommend it- but... I really enjoyed decorating a tree twice. I did it differently the second time, and felt like I got to enjoy entirely different things.

Of course, I have a bit of a THING for Christmas decor...

Anonymous said...

and could you tell that gift tag artist that \I love what she does!\go \jane!\ uh, can you tell that \i am adjusting to a new keyboard/laptop!\\
that outfit... defies words...
love and xmas cheer, \

christine said...

all very lovely.
i personally liked the christmas bench idea.

Anonymous said...

In the photos, your tree doesn't look wider than mine. I don't like wide trees either. At Oakridge they called my tree an "old-fashioned" balsam, meaning it was a few dollars more expensive than a regular balsam, which was wider.

The Fraser pine trees there looked just like the Charlie Browns to me - but they were $70 or $80 - more than I wanted to spend.

joyce said...

last night we were at our neighbours- she had the most beautiful charlie brown, so I asked her about it. She bought the very same variety of tree on the very same day as we did (Dec 1)
Hers has barely dropped a needle. She says that this always works for her. I wondered if it made a difference that hers was in a sun room that was cooler than our LR. Some years my charlie browns make it all the way to Christmas, and about three times now in 20 years, I've done the "two tree Christmas".

(she did nothing else differently than we did- cut the bottom, keep the water full....)

I guess we'll see what happens next year!