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Monday, January 10, 2011

Affordable, DIY, Home Remedy, Pocket Sized Therapy Options

The house is seldom quiet enough to indulge myself in the lovely droning of CBC radio. But when I'm in the van, rushing off on some important milk and rye bread mission, I sometimes manage to get a little fix. Most recently, I was privy to Jian Ghomeshi's interview with Lynda Barry; author of "Picture This".

"most people say, Oh my drawing’s so terrible, I really can’t draw. But then if you’re sitting in a meeting

and you have a paper in front of you, you probably have something that you draw, this doodling thing that

everybody does. I like to ask people, Why do you think you do that? Why do we draw in that situation?

What that thing does is help you endure time. It’s almost microscopic, but without it, time feels like a cheese grater, and in doodling, it’s a little more bearable."

I think that doodling during a cheese-grator-esque meeting actually prevents several thousand unnecessary corneal transplants annually.

It helps you navigate past that prickley; "I want to poke my eyes out with a sharp pencil because surely that would be less painful than listening to this endless discussion over the benefits of polyester versus cotton blend." (insert your own pain-filled topic here)

It also acts as a sort of external filter for all the things that ought NOT to be spoken aloud.
Instead of actually verbalizing alternatives to the proposal of; say; name tags... the handy napkin dispenser soaks up the ink that redirects my inappropriate, tourette-syndrome-esque tendencies.
Which saves me from the endless embarrassment of yelling aloud;
"Name tags? How about Matching Tube Tops?!"


Judy said...

Too funny.

I might actually like meetings if you were there.

But, you are not so I quit going to meetings altogether.

Meetings are undoubtably a result of the fall. Not Autumn, THE Fall.

Before then, I am most positive that there were never any meetings.

Just doodling in the dirt while waiting for the beans to cook.

Karla said...

We shared a moment, dear Joycie! I was listening to that interview too! Wasn't that delightful time spent together without knowing it??

Anonymous said...

can't stop laughing..
thinking of teams of do- gooders in becoming tube tops!
more boler than babe!

janice said...

When the kid was about 7 I asked her once if she knew what Mommy does at work. Her reply, after a few seconds of reflection: 'You play hockey. . . and you go to meetings.'

joyce said...

it doesn't take much brain work to recognize that she meant "Play HOOKey" and "Go to meetings" (probably code for lunchtime rendevous....)