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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home Work

Recently, I've been thinking about my chosen career as Daytime Mommy.

I've been thinking about what it keeps me close to- my home, my garden, my pets, my heart. My laughter, my home, my love for authenticity.

I love working at home.

I love having these little people show up at my door, full of expectation that we're going to have a lot of fun on this day.

I love their trusting little faces, their tender little hearts, their confidence that I can surely meet their every need.

I don't always have that same confidence. It's nice to see the trust shining in their eyes.

It's so good to remember the simple things in life.

It's so great to rush outdoors at the first sign of sun and never have to wait until recess or 5:00 pm, or holidays.

It's delightful not to have to sit at a desk with a phone to my ear.

To never wear high heels.

We spend our time on spontaneous picnics, walks to the flower shop, the thrift store, the playground.

Pre-school hilarity.
We never forget that there's really no food so delicious as toast and cheese. Except maybe toast and peanut butter, apples and cheese, or homemade oatmeal cookies.

And then there are those spontaneous moments that no substitute mommy could even dream up.

Sure, I spend a lot of time vacuuming. But there's a lot about my job that's pretty delightful.

How do you feel about yours?


jenn said...

love it:)

Judy said...

I'm a stay at home grandma.
What's not to love?
Sometimes I tend to over-think my deep desire to remain at home. That just gives me a headache and makes me want a cookie.
So I've given it up for now.

bygeorge! said...

spring and staying in your own yard/world...
every morning my heart hurts to get in car and drive off.
generous envy?
(ie. my daughter was explaining that 'I'm jealous' is now a compliment/flattery)
I'm jealous!

Roo said...


Valerie Ruth said...

super cute! now i scan the photos looking for my boy's happy face! "hey joyce - do i look hungry?"

janice said...

My baby is 18 and it has been a few years since I had a house full of toddlers. It was always fun, but I do not have the creative energy to do it and enjoy it day after day. I LOVE that you do it and love it, and every parent of your day-kids is grateful, or something is wrong with them.

I like my job - you LOVE yours.

Verification word 'piteart' - sounds like something fun and tasty that we could do at Joyce's . . . if we were 5, or 55.