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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Mom

My mom does all her own stunts.

My mom isn't afraid of laughing out loud.

She does a lot of it and it's sheer joy to me.

My mom has been walking nearly every day since the 70's. While her peers wait in their geriatric rooms for meals on wheels, my mom marches down to the grocery store to purchase a few items for the soup she's brewing. Being the very Queen of All Things Thrifty, my mother would never purchase anything for full price if she could get it dented or bent or day-old. As luck would have it, the veggie bin contained the very things she needed- and for 50% off!

In line to pay for her discount goods, my mother got busy fumbling through her bag for the money she thought was in it. Lost in her panic, the man behind her meanwhile paid for her dented and wilty carrots. By the time my mother finished her fumble, the cashier was handing her some change and the transaction was complete. Flustered, my mother turned to the man behind her:

"Did you just pay for my groceries?"

"Ah, said the man, "I just threw in a looney".

Still flustered, and now embarrassed, my mother walked home to finish her soup, the stranger's change jangling in her pocket.

She still hasn't stopped laughing.

My mom.

I like her attitude.


janice said...

I have to go find those Kehlers in my genealogy book - I think our mothers are sisters. I clicked on the link and read the rabbit hunting stories,and I recall my mother and her sisters kept the family fed one lean winter by being crack shots - back in their pre-gray times.

Enjoy and celebrate your mother, her cooking, shopping, and all she does. For you know, in the natural order of things, she will precede you, stepping off this mortal coil.

I can see you are!

Anonymous said...

I like your mom's attitude too :) L-lew

Pennerfive said...

I see the gleam in your mom's eye in your eyes too. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree...


Mary KG said...

Yep, she's pretty spacial, isn't she?