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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Too Much, Too Soon!


Grad. Our first grad.

Soccer, family gathering, wedding, and birth just barely behind us, and headlong into graduation.

That meant an end to grad meetings, and time to put all our planning to fruition.



And when it all came together-

What decor it turned out to be!

What a pleasure, working with such a talented team.

It certainly helped to set the tone for a night of dance, dance, dancing.

And some playful slurp, slurp, slurpee-ing!

Everyone was looking their finest.

I was particularly pleased with my daughter's perfect touch: coral lace up boots.


The perfect twist of "not so regular".

And her dress was




I was so pleased that the grandparents could come.

Especially when my Arianna won the first ever MCC Thrift shop grant for past and future volunteerism. I don't think we could have made my mom and dad more proud.

(regretfully, the pics of the other grandparents are on someone else's camera.... yet to be uncovered).

Arianna, with her impressive powers of persuasion, actually talked her brothers into dressing up.

Just a little.

I couldn't help crushing on my boys.

They were devilishly handsome.

The whole lot of them were nothing to sneeze at.

So we captured it all on film.

Real quick - like, so we could get on with the task at hand:






(I don't dance like I don't run or lift weights or play badminton "just for fun".

But after a few hours of watching "all my daughters" celebrating without reservation or restraint, I might have gotten pulled onto the floor myself.

Just for a little dance.

And they all appeared to forgive me,

lovely bunch

that they are.


And that's the way it went with our very first grad.


And then we rushed on to the next thing, so much, so soon.


Anonymous said...

as they say in Facebook land -


The Naked Chef

ps - we are 5 years past our first grad and we are now grandparents, and soon to be in-laws!! Exciting times.

Roo said...

love it joyce. and love yer dress too!

joyce said...

Yes, I know that the next milestones will rush upon us as well. Three of my sisters are grandparents, and it looks like marvelous fun! Congrats to you and yours.

Roo, it's my "trailer trash" dress, purchased at last year's fair out of the vintage boler. Good times have bee had in said dress.

janice said...

You must be so proud. What a beautiful family. I LOVE the style expressed by the lace-up boots, trailer-trash dress, vest, . . . It is great to be a little non-conformist.

I got all my stampede gear this year from good-will - Frye boots, cowboy style for $25.

Brenda said...

I was there too, at the said grad, stuck way in a corner away from the action doing my obligatory job as parent of 2013 graduate. And all the while, as I performed my duty, Joycie, yes OUR JOYCIE, was doing a clandestine jig on the dance floor!! THIS folks should have made front blog page news!! I can't believe I missed it. I truly hope that this transit-of-Venus-esque event will happen more than once in my lifetime and that next time I'll be in the right place at the right time!