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Thursday, July 26, 2012

With Her Blog Post Stuck On A Sad Poem, She Was Meanwhile Out And About, Having A Most Marvelous Time


Reading and reading while others careen around the lake.

Getting to know our newest family member, sweet Macie.

A quick diversion to the hospital with my dad. It looked scary and terrible.

It turned out not so scary and not quite so terrible.

Enough so that dad could grumble about not much liking vacationing in hospitals.

Crisis averted, I meanwhile scrambled off on a vacation that perfectly suited my delicate preferences.

Five girls in a boler.

Going prairie exploring.

So much to discover, and just a stone's throw away!


Plenty of time for treasure hunting.




Indulging our senses.


And letting the prairies show us the way.

Then home again to watch Brian transform our basement space into something kinder, more gentle, most sensible and helpful.

Farewell to my cheerfully painted floral concrete walls.

Hello, insulation! Drywall! Bathroom! Actual carpet!


Then getting my Sam ready for camp.

Reminding him of the importance of deodorant.


Then dropping him off, quite happily, to play tether ball.

By himself.

Our sweet Napoleon Dynamite.


And that's just barely a summary of my delicious summer, so far.

I've barely mentioned the treasure hunting, book reading, dreams and plans. The sunshine, summer weddings, the smell of canola fields in 30 degrees. The tomatoes growing, sunflowers stretching, my brother's return after 14 years of international living. The chairs I've sold, the chairs I've bought... the perfect cupboard with yellow bakelite handles. The trips to Olde House Revival Company, my alternate life on Winnipeg Kijiji, or the taste of Stella's breakfast. A van with broken air conditioning, four hour road trips, weekend with friends of eighteen years. The birthday party for our first ever adult child.

That's the thing about summer in Manitoba. It's faster than fast and better than good, and while your blog is sorely neglected and stuck on a somber sad note, you're actually rushing about storing up goodness real quick like.

Before its all over again.



janice said...

Oh sweety, how beautiful. I was there, with your words and your photos, wrapping your lovely summer. I want to come to the lake with you!

The hospital trip is way too familiar - how wonderful you have siblings to share it. I spent many hours with Mom in emergency, and the sibs were there on the other end of the phone. Funny thing, after she passed, I missed those trips - never spent 28 hours at a time with her, otherwise, once they left their home.

Judy said...

I just KNEW you were having fun!
Your father looks like the type of man who will live to see one hundred.

wendz said...

I'm really glad your father is alright. Good.

Other than that where does one even begin to comment on so many happenings?

I tell you what - first, I wondered what's in the foil packets on the BBQ...bread? Potatoes? Mushrooms? Eggs?

Then I thought wouldn't it be odd if one day someone else is living in your house and they uncovered your brightly painted basement walls...and they'd wonder who did them. Like cave paintings. You've left your mark. :)

And then, how very blessed you are to have your kids at home.

And now the Olympic opening ceremony is about to begin and although I am not a huge fan of games and things I must try and watch this bit. So I'm off now. I had more to say though.

Brenda said...

Ok, I must know...where is the Olde House Revival Company located?

joyce said...

Janice, we must create some crazy memories of our own. Bucket list: meet Janice some day.

Judy: you're on that list as well. My father does not want to see any morezeros in his life. He is utterly shocked to have seen 90, as both his parents died young. He looks good tough, you're right! And today is Sunday, so I must make tracks to go visit the old feller.

Wendz. Small wonder you have so many readers, you are so darned charming! Yes, my kids. I am on the cusp of our togetherness shifting, as we've "birthed" our first adult just this July. Next year she will begone for chunks of time. I am proud, but mymama heart likes to have all my chick lets around me.

The breakfast packet on the fire contains sliced potatoes. So very delicious, that outdoor meal. And in good company, too.

I like your idea of cave paintings very much.
We've always lived in older homes and whenever we renovate, we imagine finding large caches of money and jewels hidden. Hasn't happened yet, but perhaps the next owner of our house will feel rich upon discovering my bright flowers?!

Brenda, a trip is in high order. Downtown Winnipeg. Just a block west of u of w. on young street. Three floors plus one basement, chock full of eye candy. Quite affordable in spots. We must go!