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Monday, August 27, 2012

Best. Day. Ever.


Do you have a friend who sees the sense in video taping the sounds of her bubblies pouring into a perfect thrifted mug on a spontaneous picnic complete with marvelous old linens and a vintage basket?


But you should.

It is tres perfection. And the dreamiest sort of ending to a day that should never end.

The day that began with coffee and conversation. A grand plan to uncover thrifting paradises that we'd only dreamed of. And a whole, glorious day, all ahead of us.

And that's just what we had to anticipate: thrifted goods most divinely wrapped and handled by the caring-est volunteer in her empire of cast-offs.

Plus an imaginable amount of eye candy.

To feast on.

and explore.

We found all manner of goodies. Some wildly overpriced.

(!) I have enamel bowls in the sandbox! Am I an undiscovered billionaire??

And some too perfect (ly affordable) to leave behind. (panel of barkcloth drapery for ten dollars, should be able to feed some displaced people with that..... and a chickeny mug for just twenty-five pennies.)


We even found a Mennonite thrift store in the most thoughtful location.

Talk about one stop shopping.

We felt fortified enough for our hair to stand on end.

To hold entire buildings by the strength of our hands.

To embrace cultural origins in style.

And hug some trees.

How serendipidous to remember so clearly who we were. To be loved so.

Downright medicinal, it was.


Life has its dips, this we know firsthand.

And at times we see things through a glass.


But the beauty is all around us.

Bursting out of the ordinary.



So if at times you feel you've lost your way

May you be found.

Again and again, and in the most loveliest of ways.

(My wish for you, all my beloved.)

(photo credits: LJG, thanks, oh great Miranda)


Anonymous said...

Carman MCC - love that place, heading there on my lunch right now! (Maybe also the other thoughtfully placed business too! ;-)

The Naked Chef

Pennerfive said...

I don't think I could love these pictures any more.

Roo said...


janice said...

FABULOUS POST!!! As always. You never cease to supercede yourself.

I am so proud to be a Mennonite, even though pride is very un-Mennonite.