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Monday, August 20, 2012

You'll Never Know, Dear

(written with thoughts of sweet friend. Whose tender, broken heart deserves true love.)

I dream sometimes that you come back to visit.

No warning, no call ahead.

And in my dream

I'm glad to see you, but its


There are all those words that never got spoken.

They crackle between us, even as my stomach knots at the memory of

the ones that were.

The words that dropped like bombs and accusations, hot and so dreadfully cold.

I remember how much I trusted you. Told you. Believed.

How I was sure we'd grow old


at the absurdity of it all.

But whats absurd is that its not.

That for all my trusting and believing, none of it made us immune.

But I opened my heart wider than wide, and invited you in, because it was



So when you visit me in dreams, you open the door


without asking.

And you take some more.

My heart is no longer open, and my days have begun to ache a little less.

I've filled in those spaces in safer ways.

So please. Leave my dreams.



Pennerfive said...

So very brave, Joycie.

Anonymous said...

Pain pain, go away...

Roo said...

i have these aches too.

wendz said...

Joyce you won a zippy purse/bag/pouch (what do you call it in Canada?) in my giveaway - can you let me have a postal address please?

joyce said...

Agh, my Adele-esque attempt, thinking of you, RMS.
And knowing that your true love will find you. Perfect.