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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saturday in Five Easy to Follow Steps

Step 1:

Locate a 55+ Centre.

Ideally one set up for a flea market, complete with riveting draws.



Before you start your shopping, you may want to take a rest.

It's bound to be a nail-biter. Pearl drop?


Panties Galore?


Cat ephemera?

Genuine Dead Fur stick pins?

Or just the soup and sandwich special?


Step Two:

Locate a highly secure thrift shop.


Take note of more kitty cat themes.



Then duck into the woman's wear. A truly unique experience with highly specialized wall art of undetermined origin. I'm sure that its appropriate for a church fundraising thrift store, in any case.



Step three: Embrace it. Don't ask questions. Fancy yourself as part of the art.

Step Four: Return to the sanctuary on wheels for refreshments. Pack yourself in amongst them, feel the love. Reflect. Anticipate.


Step Five: Take a road less travelled.







Once in a while say; "Hmmmmmmm...."


And imagine.

By now the sun is thinking of setting.

Our feet are cold and wet.

Thoughts of hot coffee propel us back to the road that leads to town.

And while we warm our hands on those vessels, we marvel at where our feet have taken us.

How many grand adventures they've shared.

And we part.

Dreaming of more to come.



janice said...

Once again, great shots, great words. Enjoy your last days of being 29 or 39 or whatever it is.

Iris said...

Oh, my favourite is the ladies wear wall art in the thrift store. I remember when Amy Grant was 'too worldly' for the thrift store I frequented, in my growing up years. About two years ago I returned, and I noticed that she made it to the wall of records/cassettes/CDs.;)

Thank you for writing here. I enjoy my 'visits' with you.

joyce said...

I've been 46 for five days now. I'm really diggin' it so far.

Hello, Iris! and thank you for introducing yourself. Our thrift shop makes a point of printing a sign in the book department that says they have not proofread, nor do they endorse, all the materials therein. That's n the Mennonite thrift store. The united church thrift has the awesome "real Women" murals in their facility.

I love diversity.