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Friday, November 15, 2013


So, clearly I'm not one of those people who hopes someone else will remember to celebrate my birthday. At forty-six, I'm in that awesome stage of life where all permission has been granted, me to me. Come to think of it, I haven't waited around or pretended to be modest in my birthday joy for many a year. Remember six years ago when I threw myself a cougar party? wow. I'm still glowing from the reverberations of that event.

Having said that, Brian totally came through this year. In flying color.

He remembered "Doug, the antique guy in Rapid City". (Manitoba version).

So he suggested that we hook up the trailer (utility) and make the trek. See what we could see.

First spot Doug showed us? His work desk. I love it.

Fortunately, it came with heat. I'd forgotten how cold sheds are in the winter in Manitoba.

But if I was going to worry about the cold, I'd never get to enjoy Doug's school house. Packed to the brim with treasures, frozen feet and fingers notwithstanding.


And if that wasn't enough, we got to go around back.

To the quanset.

I would have taken more pictures..... But did I mention that my fingers were frozen?

Thank goodness he invited us into his basement next. A picker's haven.

I particularly enjoyed discovering Doug's wall of fame.

Turns out the man is more than a friendly face and an amazing hoarder of all things spectacular.

He's also a competitive square dancer!

After we discovered a small cache of vintage Christmas bulbs, Doug led us up the stairs.

Where I met Pumpkin. The Cat of Epic Proportion Awesomeness.

Our bond was instant and simultaneous.

Doug even let us into his spare bedroom, where my picker sister fell in love with a quilt on the wall.

That wasn't exactly for sale.

But when we were finally done admiring all the things, and hearing all the stories, Cheri had the quilt.

And I was asked to set down the cat. And back away.

I really enjoyed my birthday gift from Brian. That thoughtful trip to a place that I love.

I came away with a chippy chair, a matchbox holder, Christmas ornaments, and an ancient leather school satchel.

Brian bought a cast iron pan large enough to roast a pig in, a couple of wooden metronomes, and a corncob pipe. Because I guess he needed that.

Going to see Doug was amazing. I loved and appreciated it.

But hands down, easily, and in a nanosecond, the best part of the day was coming home.

To my kids who went out of their way to tidy up, hang streamers, and make me cards.

The cards were meaningful, thoughtful, kind, and honest.

Which are just a few of my favorite things.

Today is Friday, and there is still much to anticipate. I'm having a bit of a celebration tonight, loving on a lot of my friends.

And as far as treasure hunting goes,

my Brian, my kids, and my friends are the bestest pick of all.



Periwinkle Dzyns said...

Happy Birthday Joyce! you write one of my favorite blogs
I love your honesty and the way you look at the world.
Joy to you!

janice said...

Hope it was a wonderful celebration Friday night. Happy birthday. I too LOVE your blog.

brenda said...

I have one of those places too. We discovered it two summers ago very near Moose Jaw. It is a pickers Mecca with outbuilding after outbuilding of amazingly re-loved stuff in every patina and shade of disrepair. We oughta do that trip as couples some time and make a night of it in lovely Moose Jaw while we're there.