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Monday, February 05, 2007

Looked Real To Me...

Its difficult to live in the world where faith in the unseen has to be enough, even when the seen is so tangible.

It has been published, interviewed, and confirmed by more than one reliable source that we bloggers are not real. This made for an interesting dimension on the weekend when my loved one and I set out in really cold weather to enjoy some refreshments with Reymond et al, Donn and goodladywife, and Within/without. Call me crazy, but I swear the cat was no optical illusion. It was furreal.

The fish was no mirage.
But the humans- that's where things got tricky.
Donn was a lot taller than I'd remembered from our other memorable times together.
Rey was real the first time we'd met him, but since then he has crossed the great divide and become a blogger. That made it confusing for me.
WW seemed real. He was very tolerant of Donn tormenting him mercilessly about writing a "women's issue" blog. To me it was a thinly veiled, intentional segue for Donn's obsession with double "D" implants. (which clearly, are not real).
Brian has got to be real, blogger or not. Either that or some shrewd small-town prowler keeps dumping raunchy work-out gear into my laundry hamper when I'm not looking.
The dips were REALly good. Which I know for sure from the punishing, garlicky heartburn that I bore with great pleasure all night long.
So, like I said, its hard to rely on one's will to believe when my line of vision is flooded with bona fide people.
Then again, maybe only figments of an overactive imagination would venture out after dark into temperatures of MINUS FORTY BELOW!!!!!


Anonymous said...

When I clapped my hands and chanted 'I DO believe in bloggers! I DO believe in bloggers', I could see them! I really truly could see them!

Judy - Anybody Home

-10 F. here. Windchill of 30 below at times. Plenty cold enough for me. Sure would like the pipes to thaw to my washing machine...

Within Without said...

Ha Joyce! Great post!!!!

I had a great time meeting you and Brian and Laura, of course (Rey and I are soul brothers, we've talked before a fair bit).

But OK, you've got my blood boiling...I seemed (in italics) real?

I was actually -- and it's easy to blame Donn for this -- a bit beyond my reality, partly because of the alcohol I had consumed and because of Donn's wayward ways...

All I can say is, geez, I hope I am (in italics) real...

And it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and Brian.


Homo Escapeons said...

I expect you to defend me here Joyce...but don't worry about Within, he will be pouring martyr salt all over his wounds at his women's issues blog and all of his girlfriends will come running over and tell him that he is suchagooodboy..oh yes you are you're such a goood boy...and then they will smother him in cyber kisses and make it all better poor baby..

Oh did you see what rey did to your photo?

reyspoutine said...

what I did to her photo? what's that supposed to mean? just because a guy grows gills and gets mounted doesn't mean i had anything to do with it.

i have to say, though, that that cat weirded me out a bit. that and donny osmond turning the music DOWN. i can honestly say that is the first time i have seen that.

well, now i have to go run the bathwater for a minute just to make sure the pipes don't freeze.

okay, ive tried five times now to post here and it's driving me nuts. i'm real, dammit. REAL!