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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Micah Brian

Today, April 4, is my son's birthday. Nine years ago today he joined our family.
When I was pregnant with him, I didn't care if he came out a boy or a girl. I had two requests for God, beyond the obvious ones, of course. I said if it was all the same to Him, could I get a baby with red hair? or curls?

I got the most beautiful baby boy with curly red hair.

He was doted on by his sisters who were four and two at the time.

But now he is nine. Somehow that happens when nine years slip by. He is still red-haired, although he insists that he is blonde. He is charming and funny. Much to our surprise, he likes people now. He mostly likes video and computer games, (much to my horrer), but he also enjoys reading Calvin and Hobbes,drawing amazingly detailed creatures on any slip of paper, coming up with his own jokes, making up armoured creatures out of lego parts, riding his bike, and playing with his little brother.
He is still a perfectionist, and doesn't like to participate in sports because he can't get it perfect the first time. He is awesome at reading and has impeccable handwriting, but math is a hardship for him. Sometimes he doesn't want to go to school because he gets stressed out when his teacher gets frustrated with the other students.
Micah shares a room with his brother Sam, but they often have "sleepovers" which means that Sammy moves from his single bed over to snuggle in with Micah in his double bed. They fall asleep, Sammy watching Micah play his gameboy.
I love my boy to the ends of the earth. This is his last year ever in the single digets, and I pray that I'm never too distracted to miss all the moments that make him who he is and who he shall become.


it's a gong show... said...

My eyes are full of tears! There's something about a boy and his mom.

QueenHeroical said...

I have to say ... your babes are amazing and wonderful and beautiful toboot.

Happy Day!


Ruth said...

micah is such a cutie. i LOVE his hair.

andrea said...

Adorable. He sounds like a complex fellow; I'm sure you expect great things from him (just don't tell him :). I wasn't surprised when one of my boys was born red-headed (like me). But, like me, he 'grew out of it.' Oh well. Now he's depressed because his wild, wavy hair won't lie down flat and 'cool' like his younger brother.

I think a family of four where there are two of one sex followed by two of the other is just about perfect.

Judy said...

Happy Birthday to your son! He sounds like a wonderful person.

My little boy turns 23 tomorrow.

I didn't get any redheads, but my oldest son's beard is red. Dark brown hair and a red beard.

lettuce said...

strawberry blonde?
what a sweetie, happy birthday Micah.

Anonymous said...

"du hast in schmukka jung"...he's a cutie....Lindalew

Homo Escapeons said...

It looks like he wants a Beanstalk for his Birthday!
I see the both of you being perfectly blended in that adorable face.
You must have arms like an Orangutan to have taken that picture?!

Linda said...

Happy birthday Micah! He reminds me of a very special 10 year old with the same name who happens to be my nephew.