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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Contests and Contestants

I shamelessly entered my name into Heather's contest because she does great work.

And I am doing eight thingies about me. Cuz its all about me. All of it.
(and Becky asked me to)

1. I once had a baby five years premature.

2. She was a boy named Graeme until the very moment she was born, but then there were some parts missing and some other parts in place, so we named her Arianna instead.

3. I can pour my own cereal.

4. Putting sunscreen on a sweaty back is horrifying to me, but I've spent years in nursing homes washing old men's nackers.

5. I ran once.

6. I'm terrified of numbers.

7. I have recurrent dreams. Sometimes they are like chapters.

8. I plant things in May or June. I kill them in July or August.


Bonnie said...

Hilarious!!! I plant things and they die too!!! We really do have something in common!!

#4 is way too funny!
Have a great day!

Heather said...

Al right, this is almost as hilarious as the last post. In fac tI made my poor husband listen to me ead it aloud. :) And I AM #8. Except that they usually die in June because around here we plant in April and May.

Gloria said...

#1, 3, 5, 7, and 8 are me too! spooky!

Judy said...

I bought a house with FABULOUS blooming flowers.

The one day since we've been here that it's been cool enough to go outside, I swear I heard the flowers scream in fright.

Plants hate me.

You are just too funny.

Anonymous said...


I can really relate to #6. The killing of the plants thing...I can relate with as well.

Ruth said...

I had one 5 years overdue!


Mills' Memoirs said...

Thanks, Joyce! I can relate....I can't keep plants alive either, and I don't know how to run! I'm determined to start...someday. Don't know how you handle bathing elderly men...not sure I could go there!

homo escapeons said...

Number 4 has me convulsing on the floor...especially the pre testicle tuck thingamabobs..((shudders))

I ran TWICE..neener!

I'm scared of nuymber 7 because 7 8 9!

Recurrent dreams are a sign of cranial clutter and nagging optimism.