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Friday, October 24, 2008

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends...

Writing about the dream, having a couple of really great conversations, and I betcha people talking to God on my behalf all resulted in a break in the clouds that occured on or about Thursday, I believe. And somehow it stimulated the pleasure center neurons in my grey matter causing them to beseech my friend Cheri to take me and a few kids on a treasure hunting road trip to Morris thrift.

It was so worth the effort. The kids entertained themselves on annoying battery operated musical toys and road trip snacks while I happily perused the aisles of discarded excess.

Recently inspired by Judy's blog committed entirely to treasure hunting, I decided to make myself entirely vulnerable by sharing my loot with y'all. (I think Candians should say "y'all" about once in six months, just because it sounds so awkward when we say it. Much like an American trying to say "eh")

Cheri thought that most of what I bought was hideous, but she has no taste. And I was merely using her since I have no vehicle during the work week. So, I think of it as a bit of a ministry- take the gal out, let her be useful, and maybe learn her a thing or two about eclectia.

Now, I'm sure all my true friend readers have stellar taste in castoffs. So, here's some of the inventory:
*awesome retro fabric bits, velvet trim (gorgeous porgeous), bright trim, loverly hanky, some odds and ends for future bags, and a t-shirt that I can't wait to play with in my sewing space. it's going to add some true funk to a bag one day.

*glassware. A pink platter, a white platter with pink bits along the edges, a cool retro candy dish, and a truely awesome find-- the pink pyrex bowl. I love that find. I have two blue ones, a green one, one in turqoise, and now a pale pink.

*books. A Herman book for my boy Micah. Some colouring books for the kiddies- I love paying 25 cents for stuff that's going to have a very short lifespan before hitting the recycle bin.

*for me boy: Two pairs of jeans and a spidey man towel! Need I say more?

And a little bit more.... That bee jar just called out to me. I had to give it a home. And that little wee bow tie and the gloves. Those aren't just any gloves- they are child sized. And one day when I have time, time, time, I am going to make amazing memory frames with bits and pieces of history in them. That's why I have old, old needle packets, some old photos, old quilts, old scissors, and some old women's leather gloves. You'll see. I'll so show you. One day.

And that scarf thingy on the back of my couch. That one just stopped my heart in its tracks, I love it so entirely.

So, that outing totally inspired me to take some pleasure in lovely-ify-ing my home for friday night tapas. See that great, retro pheasant dresser scarf thingy on my coffee table? Ruthie-roo gifted that to me. How unselfish is she?! I know she meant it to go into a bag. But she will never, never know how long it will take me to quite get to it....

Finding my quiet happy after a period of grey is particularly rewarding. Not unlike a shower after a day in the field. (not me so much as what I remember my dad looking like in spring before the days of covered tractor cabs....)
That's the way it goes. And comes. And goes..
And what does your break in the clouds look like?


Roo said...

my break in the clouds resulted from reading this post!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a day you have had. post photos of your patch work couch (when its done....or maybe i'll just get desperate and bundle up the wee ones to come have a gander at it meself. yes, i just said MEself. i did that on purpose.)

sigh. i miss that coffee table thingy already. and now that i've seen it on your blog -- I MISS IT EVEN MORE. do you know how many weeks it took me to get it to your house? i won't say. but i will say that it looks perfect in your house. it is so obviously where it was meant to be.

and i think i can deal with that. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to share my break in the clouds on a more one-to-one basis, but it's beautiful!!! Emotional healing, oh yeahhhhhhhhh. Thanks for being lovely hosts last night. I truly enjoyed myself! Schwester Mary It was well worth the trip.

Judy said...

Thrift shopping MUST be done with someone who doesn't like the same stuff you do.

We could NEVER shop together.

Fist fights would ensue. Righteous, proper fist fights of the bloodless variety, but bruising would happen.

I would have fought you for everything you purchased. Except maybe the pink pyrex bowl. I have one pink one left from a set of four.

Thrift shopping is great therapy. I sense I shall be needing more.

Still many grey clouds here, but things are looking up a bit.

svea said...

my break in the clouds came after making cookies with my girlies a friend called and offered to help me put my kiddos to bed ( since David is gone for a few days) how sweet is that! I took her up on some adult conversation after the said kiddos were tucked in bed, and we had lovely chat laugh and cookie tea time, that really warmed my heart. Nice to be thought of, even nicer to know it, and the nicest to have a friend.
BTW - You are sweet JOyce, and I love your treasures.

Karla said...

Joyce has got her groove back!!! I think some of it rubbed off on me, and I'm glad. Can't wait to see all of these treasures "for real" in your house.

Jennie C. said...

I SEE that little pre-printed fabric panel doll peaking out from the fabric stash. I have several of those that I've been waiting to do something brilliant with - but the inspiration hasn't hit.

You're right - Cheri doesn't have taste. Welllll - she might be right about the scarfy thing :)

joyce said...

ah, Jennie. You cut me deep...