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Friday, October 03, 2008

Reason #36457 That Daycare is not For the Faint of Heart

Insolent child: "Joyce, are you going to be moving soon?"
Joyce: "Nope, why?"
Insolent: "Because your stairs are all crooked; and you need a wall over there, and......."
Joyce: "Nope. I like my little house the way it is. I'm perfectly happy here, and so could you be."

(Loose translation: You miserable little so-and-so. You so don't make ME insecure, no siree. I happen to LIKE living in the core, in a crooked house, with beetles in the basement and a shifting floor. You're just lucky I let you in at all."
And pfffffffffffffffffft.


Sheila said...

Haha! Kids say the darndest things, huh?

Anonymous said...

Yes, aren't they just the cutest little things.......

tanya said...

A friend of mine brought home some Avon and her son said "I don't know why you buy that stuff...look in the mirror, it's obviously not working". So the moral of the story is let them criticize your home, you can always move....

Melanie said...

LOL - that is hilarious. Blunt doesn't even tough it eh?

Roo said...



gloria said...

i bet i know which one it was.... rotter!

Karla said...

Note to Brian:

Make that 2 bottles of tequila

Anonymous said...

i am still new here
i thought that the name of friday's bag was
insolent children which meant i would have to float a loan somewhere because i would have to own that bag

i am thinking also that you own a pink sewing machine true?

fancy or 4 sisters

Beth said...

Hi Joyce,
I've been following your blogs for a while and I have to introduce myself because I just found out the most surprising connection! I started reading here because I'm a friend of Jennie C, whom you have inspired greatly. Anyway, through reading the bid comments I discovered that you have a sister Laura ... from the Hat... who I just confirmed with is my dear friend Analise' mom! Analise and I were friends since birth and our families have always been close. Anyway, I just had to share this. Keep up the great work for Darfur and with all your kidlets!
Beth Nickel (used to be Schaufele)

joyce said...

oh my goodness gracious land of lakes holy smokes no kidding youiève got to be kidding really for real truly are you sure.....

And you got here through Jennie C?!!
I held you when you were a baby. I was eleven and we were in a little house that laura rented in Bow Island. You and your sisters are beautiful, and play stringed instruments, that much I remember. I am thrilled beyond belief that you introduced yourself.
Weird. Wonderful. Welcome.

and Fancy- are you the babe who found me through googling "PInk sewing machine"? And do you really have four sisters?

Beth said...

Yeah, I've been in a care group with Jennie C for 6 years + and I've even helped her sew bags once. When I first looked at your profile, I thought that you looked like Laura and knew that she had family in Manitoba, but didn't really think much of it. Yes, I remember that house well. It's right across the street from where my parents still live. So fun!