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Monday, October 06, 2008

Perfect Autumn Weekend

What a glorious Saturday I had; roaring around and stuffing the van with greenery and brownery that was found in the countryside. While cutting down these reedy bits in the ditch; I suddenly felt self-conscious. Watched. That's when I noticed the bison studying my progress.

Couldn't quite swing that door shut and hold it all in.....
Using cut pumpkins stuffed with greens and browns, centerpieces were created for the annual church Thanksgiving dinner. Photos were taken.

And deleted.

Mental note: If the five year old is going to become a film producer, he may need to learn whose photos not to delete....

In addition to all that funnery and foolery; I got to meet Cheri's new puppy- Pan. Oh, my. He's sugary sweet.

I scored some deals at the local thrift and gift- this fun-lovin' foot stool, and a gorgeous porgeous church pew.... For a Song! (or should that read: hymn?)

As if that weren't entirely enough, we then had a fan-tab-YOU-licious dinner with friends, some of whom include that rapscalian Donnnnnnnnn and his superior half, Alice. Ed and ede really outdid themselves with rack of pork, roasted root vegetables, roasted new potatoes, and salad.

I mean really, really outdid themselves. (thanks!!)

Additionally, this little shop on Highway 59 finally got a stop in. Been meaning to do that for ages. What a quaint building it is! Gorgeous pumpkins by the dozens were a fitting intro to the Christmas tree sparkling just inside the door.
If you are in the area, check out Sherilyn's shop.
Did you have a heavenly rustly weekend?


Anonymous said...

This is in reply to “Perfect Autumn Weekend” and “Who Says Life In A Small Town Is Dull”

Living in a small town is the most awesome experience anyone, who is anyone, can have. People gather in small groups, in large groups, in whole community size groups, to do wonderful and unprecedented things! Let me explain…..

Earlier this year we had bought shingles and we were going to re-shingle our roof, but when hubby had his heart attack we decided that we would wait until spring so that he would be able to help when the time came (so we got all the shingles delivered to our back shed - waaayyyy in the back yard). But of course some members of hubby’s hockey team decided that they would all love to do it (liars that they are!). So on Saturday, October 4th, my roof was inundated with a swarm, and I mean a swarm, of do-gooders! Where can we get labour like this!!!!!!!!! All I had to contribute was food and beverages. They un-shingled and re-shingled the whole roof (along with some new vents) by 4:00 p.m.

Now that is what living in a small town is all about!!!!!!!!


joyce said...

well said. And who would trade that sort of loving your neighbour for anything?!

Becky said...

Joyce, you are absolutely the very best church-decorator ever! I love your creativity. And I agree: Sherilyn's shop is totally great much beautiful stuff:)


Alice certainly is my superior half and I am hopelessly smitten.

My beautiful Alice is a special gift that I did not expect, do not deserve, and can never repay.

I will jealously cherish her for as long as I can, and for that privilege, I am eternally grateful.