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Thursday, March 19, 2009

She Posts A Picture Of Her Cat

... So that her readers will see that she's not devoid of joy and beauty.
See those loverly roses behind that cat? My Brian bought me those. And some white chocolate with almonds. Lots and lots of almonds, just the way I love it. And a newspaper.
Yes, the condition of "vulnerability hangover" has descended upon me. Great catch phrase; isn't it? Coined by Brene.
Who knows... Maybe tomorrow I'll put up a picture of a puppy?!


mmichele said...

we almost ran over a cat today. but rob braked in time.

whew. the cars are small here. it would have almost been like hitting a deer.

glad to see your kitty is safe and sound.

Roo said...

i like white chocolate with almonds too. what a coincidence. ;)

ps i heard drinking lots of coffee helps with hangovers. try it. ;)

Anonymous said...

are those Brian's bow ties...
oh, I miss your vignette's (spelling?!)
sometimes i can't talk... too caught up in my own crazy talk..
but bow ties on the wall. you are an artist!
Boler B

joyce said...

ha ha, Michele. I had that image in my mind most of the afternoon- that it's like hitting a deer! Very good. Very Mr Bean.

Bowties... Like you, I don't remember much. I think that I got those at a thrift.... yup, I think so.