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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Random-ness

Must say, it feels nice to spend two days enjoying the sunshine with the kiddies, and then spending the evening not thinking about when to squeeze in a few more minutes hours to complete a bag and get it posted.

A difficult decision to make, and a painful thing to release, but still it feels right. And delicious to take a little pressure off. Even pleasant pressure; as I love to sew. But the arms racing around the clock at a dizzying speed (even as my own arms race in competition) always makes morning come before I feel quite prepared for it.

But today-- my kitchen looks nearly prepared for the mania of morning. My living room is nearly devoid of toys. My bags are all posted. And for anyone living here in Hoo-Ville, I would suggest that you spend either Thursday or Friday over at the high school watching the drama that I've just come home from. Some of these kids really amazed me. Not to mention made me laugh my buttocks off. (*sigh* if only it were so easy.....)

It's wonderful to live in a small town such as Hoo-Ville. You'd be amazed what one can experience. Just last week we were at a Jazz Night just two blocks from our house, and I'd swear that I'd fallen right off the sturdy Bible belt and landed in New Orleans. Mar-Dee- Gras!! The high school jazz band itself was stellar- I couldn't believe their talent. And then a jazz soloist named Katherine Penfold; an amazing man on the keyboard and another male-type miracle worker on the string bass made music that made me want to weep. Seriously folks. All this in Hoo-Ville.

Yes, indeedy. The sun is shining in more than just one way. The freckles have come out; along with the rhubarb, the peonies, the strollers, and the smell of fresh cut grass. It seems the whole world has come back from the dead.

And I gotta say, it sure feels good.


tanya said...

I hope you have a relaxing summer and get to enjoy the nice weather now that it's finally here.

bria erskine said...

There is a glow on my face and plants in my yard...all is well:) Cheers to summer!

Judy said...

It sure sounds good, too.